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Empower.    Motivate.    Engage.






Do you hate it?

Is it doing what it's supposed to do for your business?

Do you have the time to create it?


You know CONTENT IS KING for business visibility, establishing authority, lead conversion, and business growth, right?


So, why haven't you hired a copywriter yet?


You are...

Devoted to empowering others and cultivating a community of enrichment and success.


Ready to step up your business game by increasing your reach and maximizing sales.


You're tired of playing small and you're ready for business to boom!


Planning and creating content is hard and time-consuming. 


When you do get around to posting,

the results do not meet your expectations.


Even though you wanted to be living freely, now you're tied to this behind the scenes busy-work!

You Want...

Fantastic copy that guides your target audience toward becoming your biggest fans!


A sounding board​ to flush out your ideas and create a content plan and sales funnel strategy that will raise engagement and click rates!


 Hands-free content creation, taking care of the busy-work, and leaving you with time to live life the way you imagined when you started your business!


Keyboard and Mouse
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Cheryl Himburg,

Mindset & Leadership Coach

Working with Shauna is enjoyable but also relieving. It is difficult as a coach, and business owner, to sometimes reflect what we do in a way that connects with our potential clients. That whole challenge of being too close to the situation. I felt overwhelmed for a long time at the prospect of creating copy for my business, it’s not my zone of genius. The overwhelm led me to stall.


I knew after my first conversation with Shauna that we shared the same values of building real relationships, making things better for others, each in our own unique ways. Working with her was fun and easy, producing high-quality content. She wasn’t just looking to make a sale with me, she is invested in my success and sharing my voice in a way that completely captured my personality and message.

Tammy Collins.jpg

Tammy Collins,

Branding & Marketing Specialist

She is a delight to work with - very insightful and creative. Her unique background adds some interesting layers to her work!

Jessica Rousseau.jpg

Jessica Rousseau,

Ayurveda health counselor & Yoga instructor

Shauna has been an absolute dream to work with! This is really surprising because I actually did not want to work with a copywriter. I'm a writer! I'm a word person and so I was sure that I could do it all on my own. In the kindest and most supportive way possible, though, Shauna pointed out that copywriting is so much more than getting words out. It's communication with my audience in a way that guides them through self-reflection and into empowered work with me. I had no idea! Because of Shauna's copywriting, I am able to work with clients who have a clearer understanding of how I help them. Thank you, Shauna!


You want to focus on your clients' needs, increase cash flow, and - ultimately - grow your business.



Shauna Leigh Artistry helps service-based entrepreneurs to increase engagement and sales by writing fan-creating copy that converts. It is a business run with passion, quality, and integrity woven into every fiber of its being. 


Owner, Shauna Leigh, offers an extensive background in psychology, rhetoric, and professional writing. With over a decade of writing experience, she has always believed that everyone has a unique story to tell and there's always a lesson that comes along with it. Through Shauna's passion for understanding individuals and their journey, you get a personalized experience that is geared toward your success. Shauna's copy speaks true to you, what you stand for, and how you want your brand to be seen by your ideal audience. It connects deeply with your followers and guides them into a comfortable sale.


If you dislike writing, are struggling to create your own effective copy, or are simply too swamped to keep up with the content demands of your business, please reach out and book a FREE 30-minute consultation call where we can figure out how to best represent your business using smart, fun, fan-creating copy that converts.




Content ​marketing strategy consultations, reviews, & reports.

Blogs & Articles 

Web copy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Course-ware (workbooks, info-graphics, packages, etc.)

Copywriting consults

Sales/Landing pages

Email sequences

Lead magnets

Social media copy

Sales funnel copy and consulting

Expert speaking & teaching available

(Podcasts, Coaching groups, Webinars, etc.)





Key Elements Solution Coaching

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Health Care Package.jpeg

Health CARE Package

Image by Anthony Tran

Coaching & Self-help

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Making Connections

Image by Marek Levák

"About Me" page

with sales lean


You need the right combination of words to convey your message in a way that motivates and engages your reader.
Book a FREE consultation call
and watch everything fall into place.

Let's get the ball rolling!

You have great ideas and a winning message!
What would it feel like to have a solid content and sales strategy that gets results?
How would it change your life to know that your content is all planned-out and written for you to use at your leisure?
What if your time could be yours again and you are able to sit back and watch your audience turn into leads, leads into clients, and you can live in your passions once more? 


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