• Lee Ann Emery

You need COPY: The CTA

You’re writing your own business copy and you’re getting a few engagements or likes from the people in your audience who have felt touched by the message that you’re sharing but nothing is really coming of these newly developed potential leads. Your writing is compelling and emotionally driven. It’s geared directly to the people who you serve and your service solution is the obvious choice for their needs.

Why aren’t they clicking?!?

The simple answer: You’re not writing copy, you’re writing content.

You’re being informative and helpful, compassionate and interesting, but you’re not driving people into action.

Copywriting is words that get people to take action.

You can’t just assume that your audience knows what to do next - You need to give them direction and tell them what to do. We call that a Call To Action (or CTA, for short). Having a clear CTA within the content that you’re creating is what transforms your content into

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