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Work ON Your Business, Not IN it with Anita Woodard

Anita Woodard

Woodard Administration

Virtual Administrator

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Work ON your business, not IN it!

With 30+ years of experience, Anita has dealt with just about every tool you need to optimize the back-end busywork of your business. Stop being the bottleneck to your own success by outsourcing to someone who already knows the processes. Insatiably curious, Anita is always approaching the world with the question of, “Can I do that!?” and the answer is almost unanimous: Yes, yes, she can.

As a virtual administrator, Anita supports entrepreneurs and takes the administrative work off their plate so they can focus on what really matters for their business. If it makes you say, “ugh!” - Anita will take care of it. Working with Anita gives small to medium-sized businesses the leverage they need so they can scale faster and more smoothly than they ever thought possible.

Losing the headache and focusing on what matters most in your world is not a new concept in Anita’s space. She actively works toward living her own life fully while empowering you to do the same. Her family means the world to her, but family is more than just blood. She has sisters, brothers, children and aunts & uncles that she shares nothing more than a love for one another scattered throughout the world. Distance is a concept that the internet smashed into a thousand pieces and she revels in it - working virtually is a logical extension of that concept.

In fact, Anita has created tools and resources that help others to set effective boundaries and create intentional processes that help them to gain hours back in their day. One of these resources is her 6 item list for hosting a more effective meeting. Much maligned, meetings can be productive, with a little preparation.

As for hobbies, When Anita asks herself, "Can I do that?" She winds up learning how to cook from scratch, garden and grow her own vegetables, knit, weave, paint, make soap and candles from the tallow and lard that she rendered, and there’s more where that came from! She is insatiably curious about so much of the world and is ready and willing to learn anything she doesn’t already know.

Not only does Anita strive for knowledge but she is a teacher as well - a role model of women’s rights advocacy - be you uterus-having or not. If you are a woman, you deserve to be treated like a human being because you are one. Too much of modern society treats women as less-than and Anita’s not having any of it. Women are capable of so much more than we're assumed to be. You don't get to "but the X" (for any value of X) to her as a way to override a woman's right to choose her own path. She is the only arbiter of her fate, the same as anyone else.

If you want more time to focus on working ON your business as opposed to IN it, book an appointment to chat with Anita today!

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