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Accomplish in 12 Weeks What Others Strive for in 12 Months

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

January 2021 Book Review:

The 12 Week Year

by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

What if you could accomplish in 12 weeks what others strive for in 12 months?

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington shares a system of success-driven elements that are intended to be used as a way to enhance the results that you see in your personal and professional goals. It provides a deconstructed explanation of each element and how, together, they play an integral role in the speed and probability of your achievements. Empowering and insightful, this book leaves no question unanswered and gives plenty of supporting research to back their assertions. If you want to see results and are willing to put in the work then this method is the way to go!

Rather than making your business intentions for the entire year, you make your ‘year’ last 12 weeks. At which point you can celebrate your achievements like it’s the new year, figure out what worked and what didn’t, then reassess your objectives for the next 12 Week Year. Knowing that you have a deadline in such a short span of time creates urgency and importance to every week - and day - much like the mad dash that most people feel heading into the fourth quarter. A year is a long time to complete your objectives and you might be tempted to procrastinate and otherwise lollygag in completing what you’ve set out to do. Having a tighter schedule to fulfill your resolutions encourages efficiency and speeds up progress so that you can not only meet your big goals but surpass them.

It all starts with a vision, your why, and takes off from there. The book encourages making your goals with your vision at the forefront of your reasoning and then requires that you break this goal into 12 weekly objectives that are all equally aligned with your preliminary vision. Finally, it is necessary that you ensure that your daily tasks follow suit so that they add up to the completion of your ultimate goal. Simple, right.

Well, yes… and no.

If it really were that simple then why aren’t more people living up to their fullest potential every day? The not so simple answer is execution. Having a plan is great but following through and letting your actions add up to progress is a whole different story.

The 12 Week Year breaks down its system into 8 elements of success, 3 principles and 5 disciplines. The 3 principles are (1) Accountability, (2) Commitment, and (3) Greatness in the moment. They encompass the 5 disciplines: (1) Vision, (2) Planning, (3) Process control, (4) measurement, and (5) Time use. Effective implementation of these elements yields great results but not everyone is able or willing to be accountable in making the necessary commitments to achieve greatness in each moment.

Reading this book will provide you with answers to questions such as:

  • Why 12 weeks?

  • Why do so many people quit or fail?

  • How does emotion fit into the 12 week year?

  • How does each step contribute to the big picture?

  • What if I miss a step?

  • How do I actually put this method into practice?

Anyone can implement this system in any aspect of life to achieve amazing results - that much is sure - but it is equally certain that doing so will require steadfast determination and an intense drive to succeed.

It’s up to you to decide if your vision is worth it.

Learn more about how the 12 Week Year can boost your content strategy goals in January’s blog: A Better Way to Keep Your Waning Resolutions & The Positive Effects It Has on Your Content Strategy

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