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Wake Up, Take Action and Do the Work!

This Book is Anti-Racist:

20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action and Do the Work

by Tiffany Jewell

As an advocate for positive change in the world, this book helps you to align with the realities around systemic racism and how you can make a difference in a way that feels right for you.

While it is geared toward a more youthful - teenage - audience, it is extremely pertinent to the adult who is just beginning their journey in this space. Tiffany guides the reader in understanding their own position in the world, regardless of skin tone. She helps you to understand where you hold privilege within your intersectionalities and how to use them to your advantage while supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in humanity.

“An anti-racist person is someone who is opposed to racism.

Anti-racism is actively working against racism. It is making a commitment to resisting unjust laws, policies, and racist attitudes.”

-Tiffany Jewell-

This Book is Anti-racist explains the origins of racism and how the concepts of race and ethnicity are social constructs that are not based on science. It educates and inspires the reader to take action in calling people in and calling them out when they behave in a way that perpetuates racism. It offers all of this and more within an engaging and easily read format.

In order to really gain the fullest appreciation for this book, read it back to front and indulge in the tiny details. It is rich with visuals and holds the beautiful peaks of a vibrantly deep wealth of information regarding history, advocacy, and action.

This comes in the form of:

  • Quotes & prominent figures

  • Journalling activities

  • Mindset prompts

  • A glossary of terms

  • A resource index

  • Historical lessons

I read about six sentences, sporadically, to a friend of mine and she swears to have learned six new things about herself and the world that she never knew before hearing what Tiffany Jewell wrote. If you’ve ever questioned the term anti-racist or white fragility; if you’ve ever said, “I’m not racist but…;” if you’ve felt the burden of systemic racism and haven’t felt strong enough to speak out against it then this book is a great place to start.

The solidarity and mutual inclusion that is steeped in every page, word, and illustration can’t help but create a bond between all those who are ready to lead with kindness in their drive to create positive change in the world.

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