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Underperforming Copy: Go from Cookie Cutter to Custom & Compelling

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

You’ve found your why.

You have vision boards.

You even have a proven framework.

Still, crickets.

You’re not achieving the success you thought you would. People aren’t flocking to your amazing solution. You’ve laid out your services in black and white, with social proof to boot.

They’re just not clicking.

At best, your multi-million dollar idea is paying the bills. Your vision board teases you with images of dreams come true while you’re stuck folding your own laundry.

What’s gone wrong?

Maybe your idea isn’t so great.

Maybe you’ve been deluded this whole time.

Maybe you don’t know as much as you thought and they’re seeing through the lies you tell yourself and you’re soon to be exposed as a huge fake!


That’s imposter syndrome talking - also known as FEAR! Fear has two meanings. They are mutually exclusive and you get to choose who wins.

Forget Everything And Run

OR Face Everything And Rise

You’re in control.

Which will you choose?

There are many fine details involved in running a business. It’s not easy but you don’t need to do it alone. The resources available to diagnose underperforming copy are everywhere. However, wisdom and experience tell us that the best place to start is from the beginning.

The marketing you’re using to promote your business isn’t effectively driving traffic to your stellar service offers. The few leads who land there aren’t turning into paying clients. You might be thinking you got the words wrong or you don’t know the right copy strategy to convert and while some of that may very well be true, it’s likely not the place to start.

Have you tried this before?

You re-do a sales page or website (paid or not) and although it sounds nice and gives your audience a fresh look at what you have to offer, the sales are unimpressive and you go back to questioning your worth in your field.

Stop - remember your choice above.

“If we pay a lot of money to a design agency without first clarifying our message, we might as well be holding a bullhorn up to a monkey. The only thing a potential customer will hear is noise.”

-Donald Miller-

Building a Story Brand

Since childhood, what have you been told if you need to figure something out? Retrace your steps right from the start. Don’t waste time and money working backwards - go back to the beginning.

Successful copywriting requires behind-the-scenes foundational work right from the beginning otherwise you’re just putting lipstick on a pig. Putting your clients first begins with understanding your client's avatar, desires, fears and aspirations. It also requires you to view your own vision, goals, and offer through the eyes of your ideal client to set the scene for creating life-altering changes in the way you market your business.

Refining your message and creating an irresistible offer are some of the building blocks necessary in establishing a strong digital marketing strategy that truly resonates with your ideal client. Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand

explains how effective copywriting should be able to highlight your role as a knowledgable guide in your clients’ journey as the hero of their own story. When done properly your copy should show how your service will help them achieve their goals by forcing them to take action in overcoming the obstacles preventing success. How can it do all of that if you haven’t established a solid foundation on which to acknowledge and support your client as a hero?

Figuring out the fine details of your business platform requires answering some pretty tough questions. Digging deep into your own and your ideal client’s subconscious. Rolling back the curtains on the founding principles of good marketing through copy provides you with a solid launchpad to accelerate and refine your digital marketing strategy. With guidance in this space, you will build confidence, increase visibility, and earn more money in your business.

Nix the cookie-cutter copy and opt for a more compelling and custom way to showcase your exceptional services. Dive deep into the benefits your clients get by working with you and you’ll see those gains mirrored in your bottom line. Make your clients’ story the narrative of your success.


Business coaching is incorporated in all of my work because it plays such a vital role in the effectiveness of your content and copy. Refining your message and creating an irresistible offer is just a few of the building blocks necessary in establishing the strong foundation you need for a solid content strategy.

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