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Turn stress & noise into creative release & actionable confidence with Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Quirky Lindsay Harle

Mind Management & Values Strategist

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Turn stress & noise into creative release & actionable confidence!

Connecting with your core values and turning them into action that matters to you will make everything that you do in life and business more meaningful, effective, and enjoyable on a deeply satisfying and personal level. Lindsay’s punny way of looking at the way creatives do business simultaneously lightens and intensifies the way you go about your day-to-day.

While painting jars as art and drawing Love Blobs is her free time happiness (next to singing in the shower), Lindsay is also a fabulous author whose book, Depression Constipation, brings a wee bit of humour to understanding the blocked up world of depression.

Her multifaceted view of the world and how we function in it is business and life-changing! Lindsay believes we all have our own answers for how to go forward and that it's just a matter of quieting all the noise and listening to who we are in order to take the next step toward our life goals. Lindsay supports quirky entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders by providing them with the tools and questions needed to turn stress into creative release and noise into clear next steps with confidence.

Around here, we start where it matters most so Lindsay has provided 5 questions to consider when Flushing Limiting Beliefs from Your Mind:

1️⃣ Identify the belief. What’s the belief? Why is it there? 💭

2️⃣ What is this belief currently doing for you? ✅

3️⃣ What is this belief keeping you from experiencing (both pleasant and unpleasant)? 😊😭😞

4️⃣ What would rewriting this belief do for you?✨

5️⃣ What do you need to do to work through this belief? (Habits, mindsets, boundaries, behaviours, etc) 📝

Take Action!

Rewrite your limiting belief in a way that motivates you to activate your own awesomeness

as this will help you take more aligned action as your own self.

Lindsay doesn’t just talk the talk in the values to visions space. She is transparent in telling her stories of transformation that were struggles before connecting her intentions to her values; the results are amazing! She leads a life in alignment with her dogs and partner by her side. As an idea connector, Lindsay is constantly creating links and asking questions that help people to understand themselves; in fact, this is the superpower that she is using to make positive change in our world.

As with everyone, life isn’t always hunky-dory in Lindsay’s world. She is in her 10th year of Purging Recovery and has a butterfly tattoo with the Eating Disorder Support Network logo in the wings to remind her that she chooses herself and deserves better. Her book, Depression Constipation: How Pooping Saved My Sanity...and Other Stories, brings a wee bit of humour to understanding the blocked-up world of depression. Lindsay truly believes that a smile can change a life which is why she supports Operation Smile. Creating a welcoming community led with acceptance and driven by our core values

Having been in business for herself since October 2011 (brands, values, strategies, and content connections, baby!), Lindsay has been able to create many pockets of value-led communities. Hosting the Businesses are People Too! A Podcast! podcast lights her up by connecting with and learning from so many amazing leaders.

Wondering how to connect your values and turn them into action that matters to you? Then booking a coffee chat is the very next step forward. She’s excited to meet you!


Words matter. This is certain.

The ones that matter most are the ones we say to ourselves.

What words are you saying to yourself?

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