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Turn Dreams into Reality with Your Custom Roadmap to Success with TaJuanna Taylor

TaJuanna Taylor

Principal Consultant

CEO at Bootstrap Dreams, LLC

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Turn dreams into reality with your custom roadmap to success!

When you have big dreams it can be tough to break things down into actionable steps. TaJuanna combines customized business coaching with systems and process development to help business leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs lose the overwhelm and take action on their ambitious ideas. Not knowing where to start - or how - can make your goals seem impossible but having an experienced, guiding hand to help you define your vision will get that ball rolling - and fast!

Coaching alone, no matter how exciting and relevant it may be, can’t turn dreams into reality. Clear and actionable steps that you can understand, achieve, and maintain will make all the difference. Tajuana takes a human-first approach which acknowledges that personal matters impact how you show up professionally. She immerses you in comprehensive business consulting, coaching, and accountability that helps you reach your potential.

Tip: Make a decision.

We cannot execute an idea, but we can execute a decision. Then, give yourself permission to plan. Plan with a mindset of possibility, keeping in mind that a plan is a roadmap, not a guarantee. If you come upon a roadblock, breathe deep, refer to the roadmap, and take an alternate route. There's more than one way to get to your dream.

You’ve got a new, extraordinary idea and you need the proper motivation and strategies to go forward. Your inspiration, combined with TaJuanna’s 15+ years of successful project management experience helps you properly structure your goals, position your ideas as opportunities, and maximize your resources to achieve desired results.

Would you rather have a never-ending list of shoulda, woulda, coulda? Or would you prefer to have a list of simplified, strategic, and scalable rocked-out goals? The D.O.N.E. Formula™ is TaJuanna’s proprietary strategy that equips business leaders and entrepreneurs with a simple but powerful tool to get things accomplished. Simply put D.O.N.E. stands for define, own, nurture, and execute. That’s what you need to do. Put ideas into plans and plans to action.

Empowering women with goal setting and goal getting is where TaJuanna shines. She has experienced her fair share of misfortune, drama, and public humiliation which drives her passion to not let women suffer alone. She made the conscious choice to continue with her commitments and show-up. With support, she has learned the importance of enabling women to tap into the resources available to them and to take care of themselves first. If you need help, ask for it. You’re not the only one and you don’t have to be afraid. Community is key and helps you to focus on what is important. TaJuanna will meet you where you are, carry you when you need to be carried, push you when you need a push, and step off when you are ready to take charge and trust that everything will be okay.

This passion hits home as TaJuanna shows her ‘Princess B’ the amazing things she will be able to accomplish as she goes through life. As ‘Queen Mommy,’ TaJuanna and her sweet princess indulge in ice cream, nail polish, dresses, and long-lasting lippies. Despite their passion for the finer things in life, they also enjoy being outdoors in the sun & water, exploring nature and getting a little dirty while they’re at it. Faith, wellness (physical and financial), community, and charity are what matters in their family.

These priorities are why TaJuanna has always been a strong supporter of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Not only does St. Jude help children to get through their difficult medical situations but they also take care of families as well. Food, housing, and financial assistance benefit the parents by giving them the opportunity to focus on supporting their child to push through, recover, and thrive during difficult times. St. Jude has had TaJuanna’s heart since she was a little girl watching her mother and her employers support the same charity through volunteer work and fundraising. She has seen the positive impact they have on families in need and believes that their cause is truly worthy.

TaJuanna’s willingness to serve, empower, and motivate others saturates every aspect of her life and business. She is passionately committed to encouraging you in all of your endeavours, through thick and thin.

Don't give up on the journey at the first sight of frustration. You're closer than you think. Every small step you take is a critical accomplishment towards the BIG idea you long to achieve.

Here’s the truth: There is no one “right” way. The journey to success is a roadmap that you must have the courage to navigate. Resist the urge to give in to comfort and know that you don’t have to do it alone. Get the support you need to pursue your BIG dreams: structure your action plan, create a compelling value statement, analyze your profitable, scalable idea, and make progress - without the overwhelm. Book your introductory strategy call today.

It’s your turn to turn your dream into reality.


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