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The Reel Deal: Amazing Instagram Reel Leaders to Follow

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

You’ve been on Instagram for a while now and you figured you’d give Reels a shot. Welp, now you’ve gone and done it - you’re hooked! Not only is creating Reels a great way to market your business but it’s fun too. (I should know, I added a little play to my day by doing a 14 day Reel challenge that spiced up my life in all the right ways!)

You’ve done the basics, had a little (or a lot of) fun… now what!? How can you optimize your Reels to really market your business in a way that you can maintain, long-term? Creating that all-powerful creation strategy is where we begin and levelling up your Reels game is where we take off running!

Just like all of your content, you’re going to want to have a solid plan-create-share strategy with deadlines and details that are repeatable and easily understood if and when you choose to outsource any part of your content creation process. Batch creating and planning ahead for life events will help you to stay on track while minimizing the time you spend in creation mode. Living life fully starts by simplifying the process and leaning into habits that will serve you as your business grows.

Levelling up your Reels game isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created a list of 6 amazing Instagram Reels Leaders you should be following NOW to take your Reels game to the next level.

Jordan Lynn

From fitness to business coaching and everything in between, Jordan supports coaches and service providers to scale to 5-10k months in 90 days by dominating Instagram. Her fun-loving spirit shines through as she puts together Reels that show her audience how to take the right steps in optimizing their social media presence. Check out her Insiders Reel Vault for monthly Instagram Reel support


Edutainment at its finest, Anneke makes work feel like play as she dances around in her pink blazer while showing her audience realistic how-tos for transitions, hooks, and other engagement-boosting Reel tips. Keeping things real, she shows the behind-the-scenes bloopers that help normalize the process and keep you on track. Take a look at the Reels Academy for more from Anneke.


Becoming unforgettable online is easy when you lead with compassion and ensure your social media mental health is taken care of. Katcoroy creates empowering and educational content that helps you to stay up to date on new functions on Instagram. Don’t forget to take a look at Kat’s resources which are just as generous as the amazing information she shares within her content.


Instagram can be an intimidating place for beginners. There are so many options and a variety of strategies to choose from - never mind the overwhelming tech learning curve along the way. There’s no need to worry though because Casey is here to help biz owners build authority online to attract clients & make more sales. Check out her Free Instagram Mini-course for more information!

Jae + Jacquel

Helping online biz owners & coaches create content that stands out & saves time while selling with confidence on Instagram is what Jae + Jacquel are all about. Doing it from the comfort of their cozy bed is the name of the game. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it definitely ought to be celebrated. Celebrate with Jae + Jacquel today!

Ericka - Social Link Co

Erika coaches brands on how to use Instagram to attract, connect & convert their followers. As a social media marketing coach, Erika will controversially be the first to advocate for taking time off for rest. She never wants people to feel pressured to show up when they don’t feel like it (and I couldn’t be more proud to echo this sentiment!). However, when you are ready to show up and share some kick-arse content then Erika is ready to help. Join Erika’s Reels Course today!

Not only are these lovely ladies killing it in the Instagram scene but they’re teaching, sharing, and supporting up-and-comers to do the same. Having fun while marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. In fact, it can be exciting, fun, and super simple with the right supports.

You can do it!

I can help.

Connect with me to find out how.

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