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The Benefits of Being Vulnerable: Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

It’s not easy to step through the fear and show up as your authentic self in front of anyone, let alone an online platform with the possibility that people from around the world could see all your truths.

Although I have always considered myself to be an open book - transparent and honest - with my online communities, I realized that I was only doing this when asked… and people don’t often ask. Even then, difficult memories - both positive and negative - were skimmed over or brushed off in an attempt to remain aloof and confident-seeming.

I AM brave. I AM confident. I AM a product of my experiences.

As are you.

Low self-esteem and the constant second-guessing that comes along with it were a function of my every day growing up. From a very early age, I was targeted as ‘different’ for reasons that are still outside of my understanding and was picked on relentlessly. Name-calling turned to pushing and shoving into or against things which turned to ambushes with ice balls hurled at my face, sexual harassment and social segregation.

If you were looking for me, you could almost always find me hiding in a book somewhere quiet and out of the way. Putting myself ‘out there’ for sports and other school groups meant being seen and that never led to anything good in the past so away I hid. My lack of involvement meant a worsening of self-esteem as I grew into my teenage years overweight and socially awkward.

I consider myself lucky, in hindsight, because throughout these experiences I developed a knack for sniffing out the ‘good ones.’ People who were empathic, inclusive, empowering, unique, kind, and FUN! Slowly but surely, with their support, I stepped more fully into who I was meant to be. I start joining groups and make decisions that weren’t driven by fear but instead by passion and growth.

These life experiences are what make us human. More than that, they are what make us uniquely capable of doing, saying, and serving as only we can. Our stories make us who we are and make it so much easier to connect with other people. Forming relationships and making deep connections through your content will increase engagement and conversion in an easy and authentic way.

When your audience Knows, Likes, and Trusts you, they are far more likely to engage with your content and invest in your services. Being vulnerable enough to share your truth supports all three elements of this well know marketing strategy. It provides a more meaningful opportunity for your ideal clients to resonate with you and understand how you can help them.

The boldest act of a leader is to be publicly vulnerable.

Carl Shawn Watkins

Carl Shawn Watkins Consulting, LLC

Sharing your journey also gives you the chance to practice your storytelling skills which are well known for their ability to connect and convert in the organic content marketing space. Storytelling creates intrigue and engages readers and is 22 times more memorable than straight facts. Your stories give prospective clients the ability to see the person behind the services and why it’s so important that you’re doing what you do. If your audience can relate to certain aspects of your story then they will see your brand as a reflection of themselves and build a relationship with it.

In a world where many feel stuck in the sea of sameness, getting real and raw by revealing some of the more tender parts of your journey will give you the unique opportunity to stand out as only you can. These stories touch our hearts and urge us to act. Being vulnerable sets you up as the lighthouse that stands out & connects deeply with your dream clients which develop an authentic relationship that establishes your services as the solution they've been waiting for so they're excited to dive in.

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