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Summer Reading Lists for Over-Ambitious Leaders

There comes a time when you look at your to-be-read pile and think, “something has got to be done about this.” That or, “I have a problem…”

Either way, you sit down and set about making a strategy for your summer reading because -obviously- you have waaaaaayyy more time throughout the summer to read at your leisure. *skeptically looks over glasses*

Well, now you’re partway through August and although you’ve managed to compulsively re-read Harry Potter and about a million and one random pop-ups on the internet, you still haven’t managed to get a start on that list. You have the best of intentions but they stay in their allotted place in your beloved pile and look at you nightly as you scroll through the next thing in your social media feed.

So far this year, I have featured 6+ books as inspired reading and there are so many more valuable options to choose from that it can be tricky to pick which one comes next. There’s also the slightly problematic fact that the summer sun calls to me much like Moana’s pull toward the ocean but I digress.

If you haven’t already, take the time to look through these magnificent books as inspiration for your next good read:

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington shares a system of success-driven elements that are intended to be used as a way to enhance the results that you see in your personal and professional goals. It provides a deconstructed explanation of each element and how, together, they play an integral role in the speed and probability of your achievements. Empowering and insightful, this book leaves no question unanswered and gives plenty of supporting research to back their assertions. If you want to see results and are willing to put in the work then this method is the way to go!

This Book is Anti-racist by Tiffany Jewell explains the origins of racism and how the concepts of race and ethnicity are social constructs that are not based on science. It educates and inspires the reader to take action in calling people in and calling them out when they behave in a way that perpetuates racism. It offers all of this and more within an engaging and easily read format.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller outlines the mesmerizing storytelling framework and explains how and why it works. Donald Miller uses real-life examples with psychological explanations as he guides you through the process of discovering how to create your own business story brand. Using this method, you will keep your audience invested in what you have to offer on all levels of consciousness much in the same way as a box office hit. Following this outline taps into a person’s innate needs and is what keeps you watching your favourite movies long past bedtime.

Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass provides a launchpad of ideas for the ambitious human who is ready to dive, headfirst, into their goals. As part of a how-to-styled personal and professional development series, these books step away from the norm by offering hilariously relatable stories that leave you excited for what comes next - both in the book and your own life!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a compilation of short stories that emphasize important, transitional moments in Glennon Doyle’s life while elaborating on the meaningful lessons that she has learned along the way. A philosopher and excruciatingly self-aware author, Doyle is able to encapsulate complex realizations through storytelling that resonates with the woman who knows she was meant for more.

When you think of Stephen King, you likely think of all things horror and catastrophe mixed with a tinge of morbid fantasy and sci-fi. What you don’t often think of are memoirs, commemorations, and life lessons but his book On Writing is all of that and more. From quirky and humbling experiences to practical albeit sometimes harsh writing advice, Stephen King empowers readers and writers alike to embrace their history and never stop striving for what they know to be true in their hearts. Maybe that’s a little cliche for Mr. King but it rings true to the funny and empowering messages he tells through story in this unique book.

Your love of the Game of Thrones series is actually helping your online business presence in more ways than you know. George RR Martin is not just a fabulous writer but the success of his stories also sheds some light on how you can use your content to strategically amplify your reach and visibility online.

As a little sneak-peek into my own personal TBR pile here is my over-ambitious summer reading list to laugh (and laugh and laugh and laugh) at:

  • The ONE Thing

  • Dare to Lead

  • Becoming

  • I Am Malala

  • The other two badass books

  • + The Rosie effect & The Rosie result (series from The Rosie Project)

If you, like me, have an ever-growing TBR pile and (1) care to share any inspirational reads or (2) want to irrationally add to your list, then please feel free to connect through the Write On Wednesdays email where you will receive opportunities for all of that and more every week!

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