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Stand-out, Objection Proof your Offer and Get Fully Booked with Sumble Khan

Sumble Khan

Case Study Expert/ Copywriter

CEO at SKhan Writing Services

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Stand-out, objection proof your offer and get fully booked!

Using your customer success stories in compelling case studies and converting email sequences helps you to boost leads, land more clients, and increase your bottom line. While others are investing in flashy ads and cold outreach, Sumble helps you to gain a competitive edge by walking the walk - backing your brilliance with real-life examples of how you’ve changed your clients’ lives.

Straightforward and to-the-point, there's no going around in circles with Sumble. She is a busy mom and understands the value of your time. That’s why she promotes the use of case studies as marketing goldmines for your business. When you can show your potential customers just how good your product or services are by highlighting the results of your previous or current clients, that is where the magic happens.

Convert browsers into buyers by highlighting your services in a way that helps prequalify leads by showing them how your services are right for them. You save time that can be better spent working ON your business rather than IN it. Combined with the accessibility of email marketing and you’ll be fully booked!

Many people think case studies need to be backed by numerical data but that is a common misconception that may be holding you back from making big leaps in your marketing game. If you’re solving a problem for someone and they’re happy - that is a case study; a customer success story. Having case studies like this will set you apart from others who are doing the same thing in your field by calling attention to the types of problems you’re solving, types of clients you are serving and direct results they are experiencing from working with you. Readers will see themselves in those stories which helps them to cross the bridge and be ready to invest. The value of these personal and professional transformations cannot be understated.

An advocate for personal and professional development herself, Sumble recently went back to school for a degree in Public Health. Her ambition, intellect, and compassion drive many of her passions including that which involves the betterment of children - particularly orphans. Islamic Relief, USA helps to ease the burden of these little ones. As a mother herself, she has a deep understanding of how much effort it takes to raise a child in this world; to love them, care for them, nurture them and help them become the best version of their selves. Knowing that there are numerous children without loving and caring parents, pulls at her heart and propels Sumble’s urge to make a positive impact on the world.

Supporting coaches, consultants, and service providers with their marketing through impactful copywriting follows in the same vein. You can count on Sumble to create high-converting success stories and email sequences that give you that competitive edge with copy that markets itself. Book a call to take your marketing game to stand out, objection proof your offer and get fully booked!


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