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Slow Down, Set Boundaries, & Live Intentionally with Meg Heppner

Meg Heppner

Real Excellent Living

Life Coach & Hypnotherapist


Slow down, set boundaries, & live intentionally!

A life coach and hypnotherapist, Meg’s work revolves around self-love, boundaries, communication, values, radical acceptance, and awareness. Meg uses her innate philosophical and empathetic soul to support her clients but also never stops her own pursuit for self-growth and learning. A lover of non-fiction and finding solutions to difficult life problems, Meg is currently working to change the way the world does business.

Life happens so fast that we often don't have the time to process all the things that we experience, never mind all of the 'should's' and 'ought to's' that we feel we have to measure up to. Meg creates a space for women to slow down and take the time to actually look at their life experiences and decide how they want to show up - consciously. Her work revolves around Self Love, Boundaries, Communication, Values, Radical Acceptance, and Awareness.

One of her favourite things to talk about is setting life-changing boundaries. According to Meg, one of the biggest misconceptions about boundaries is that they are something you place on other people. The truth is, boundaries are something that you place on yourself! When you try to place a boundary on someone else that is actually called control. Meg shares how you can tell the difference between setting a boundary and maintaining control.

You know it's control when:

  • You don't respect their "No."

  • You punish them for "wrong" choices

  • You don't value their freedom to make the mistakes or choices they want to make

  • you are more concerned with them making the "right" choice

  • The relationship is full of resentment, acting out and retaliation

You know it's a boundary if:

  • It makes what we are responsible for clear (our feelings, attitudes, behaviour,

  • choices, limits, desires, thoughts, values)

  • It protects us

  • It allows us to continue to be loving

  • It helps us live our values

  • It causes us to build character

Having come from a dysfunctional home, Meg was always fascinated by the big questions in life like why and how do we become the people we are? How are our identities built? What is the impact of the stories that we tell ourselves? How do we become a beneficial presence to the world around us? And, how do we live a spiritual life in a material world?

When Meg married her partner 21 years ago, they were co-dependant and he fell into a 3-year depression that literally had him staying in bed for the entirety of the 3 years. During that time her second son was born and diagnosed with high function autism - it was then that they decided to break free from the status quo and build the life that they wanted!!

They ended up closing down their business, moving halfway across the country, and settling down into a minimalist lifestyle that totally changed the way they viewed themselves, the world around them, and the impact that they wanted to make with their lives! They now run an amazing coaching practice where they help people make their unique journey into living their authentic lives!

Now that her boys are grown and she has settled into a career that she loves, Meg can indulge in her passions for knitting, crochet, and needlepoint. Funny enough, she doesn’t feel the need to create but rather just enjoys the process and movement. With her insatiable search for life’s answers, it won’t be surprising to learn that her love extends to reading as well. Interestingly, it’s the non-fiction section that draws her eye: Spiritual, psychodynamics, politics, and cultural economic themes are her favourite.

Meg is extremely passionate about changing the way the world does business and wants to create a world that has a market economy, not a market society - a society that places values and rights above profits. She tries to impact this by leading a bimonthly entrepreneur club where participants come up with alternative ways of marketing that support the world that they want to create! (you can drop in for $10can!).

Meg’s main superpower is her ability to help others include their challenges, hardships, and problems into WHY they find their lives so fulfilling! If you’re looking to experience and create this kind of shift within and around yourself then RUN, don’t walk, to book a call with Meg today!

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