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Simplify Your Content Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

You hear it all. The. time.

Content is KING!

You’re urged to create consistently, share every day - multiple times a day -, be in all the places, all the time while staying fresh, relevant, authentic, and relatable.

If you follow through on the last two points while trying to maintain the previous advice you would probably be sharing content about late nights, working 24/7, and how hard burnout hits as you do all the things. Your day-to-day life suffers and your leads aren’t converting if they’re even developing at all.

This story is more common than it needs to be but the good news is that there is a remedy for this madness!

Just, stop.

I don’t mean completely, I mean just for now.

Stop and take a step waaaaaayyyyy back.

It’s time you did a super simple content strategy audit for yourself so that you can love sharing about your business again, all while developing leads, and living life fully. You can expand your reach without expanding your workday.

Your Super Simple 3-step Content Strategy Audit

  1. Step back - waaaayy back!

Take inventory of when and where you're showing up. Record how much of your day is spent planning, creating, and sharing your content. For example, you might be creating social media content, making graphics, doing live training, nurturing your email list and it takes you at least 10-15 hours to do all the things necessary to put it out into the world - That’s a LOT!

  1. Assess your results.

Take a hard look at how effectively your content is organically marketing your business. Where are you seeing the most engagement & lead generation? What do you love creating & sharing? What are you good at? What type of content does your audience love consuming? There is a sweet spot there - look for it.

  1. Make a tough choice.

Once you've found the sweet spot between what you love to create and what your audience loves to consume - cut out the rest! Yep, I said it. Don’t get caught up in creating fresh content in all of the places. Focus on your core content (the sweet spot) and amp. It. up!

Less is more - even in your content marketing and sales copy.

It seems backwards, but it's true.

The secret to optimizing your content marketing strategy is to DO LESS.

That's right, the old idiom is just as true in this space as it is everywhere else:

I hear you groaning "-but I want to GROW my audience!" And you will, by doing less. You cannot do everything and expect to be consistent in the long run. Eventually, you will burn out. You start creating content that lacks passion, doesn't connect, and fails to convert.

You will turn yourself into the bottleneck to your own success.

I understand your hesitation "- But HOW!?! How do I avoid this sad & defeating outcome by doing LESS?"

Sharing about your business should be fun, not stressful.

Truly resonating with your audience should be easy, not overwhelming.

You can expand your reach without expanding your workday.

Work smarter, not harder - less is, indeed, MORE.

It is so important to be honest with yourself about what you are able to effectively maintain when it comes to planning, creating, and sharing your business with the world. Then you can expand your reach by repurposing content, audience sharing, and filling in any blanks with spontaneous and flexible alternative content that keeps you relevant and relatable.

(Or just... Don't. That's allowed and will work just fine for your bottom line - despite what the "gurus" may say - consistency is FAR more important than frequency).

You can do this!

But you don’t have to do it alone

(or at all if that’s what you choose - Done FOR you services exist for a reason)

Book a call to start your journey in simplifying your content marketing so you can focus on what matters most in your world.

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