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Simple Storytelling for Sales

Storytelling for sales isn’t what you think it is.

Most people think of storytelling and envision a Charles Dickens-type novel with elaborate storylines and intricate details, riddled with morals and tear-jerking inspiration.


Storytelling just needs 3 things:

  • The HOOK: Intrigue & rising action.

  • A transformation: The climax!

  • Resolution: The falling action, conclusion, or next step.

That’s it - Format doesn’t matter.

Whether your content is long-form or short-form, fluffy and elaborative or directive and to the point, you can still tell an effective story that connects deeply with your audience.

There are so many ways to tell a story.

Don’t let yourself be limited by what you think a story *should* be.

What does matter?

  • Being authentic: choose a format that feels right and is well received by your audience (“the sweet spot”)

  • Connecting deeply: weave emotion into your messaging - Show why it matters.

  • Showing up: ditch the fear, perfectionism, and ridiculous expectations of others in favour of taking CONSISTENT action and learning as you grow.

If you still don’t believe me, take a close look at this blog. It is not presented in the traditional blog format. There are no true paragraphs, heaps of white space, - yet, you couldn’t argue against it still being classified as a blog and it has certainly told a story:

  • The HOOK: The other side of storytelling

  • A transformation: Understanding the basics & alternative ways of telling the story

  • Resolution: Best practices to ensure you SHOW UP & where you can get help

Done like dinner.

Stop over-complicating your copywriting and content marketing.

Start focusing on making life simpler while increasing authority and brand awareness for your business.

Email “SIMPLIFY” to today!

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