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Shift from Stressed & Worried into Confident & Connected with Shannon Gentry

Shannon Gentry

Shannon P. Gentry Coaching

Sales Expert & Mindset Coach


Shift from stressed & worried into Confident & connected!

Shannon supports you in shifting your thoughts about sales so you can be more efficient and effective in generating income for your business - but it doesn’t stop there! As a certified mindset coach, this doting mother and adventurous change-maker goes above and beyond by giving actionable tips and easy steps to change your mindset in all aspects of life and business so you can level up with confidence.

A compassionate mom to the sweetest little girl, Shannon understands the demands of a busy life and provides actionable guidance to make your day lighter so you can enjoy the things in life that make your heart sing. Shannon understands that children are our future and believes that we should be facilitating their success in any way possible. Her goal is to empower children to have a better understanding of their mindset and teach them they can do powerful things when they set their mind to it. Spending time with her family is a huge focus for Shannon and being near the ocean is her happy place, where she can recharge and find new ways to support her clients with all of their ambitious goals.

Having a keen sense of adventure and a love for exploration, Shannon is able to see beyond the obvious and give a big picture perspective to things you perceive as obstacles on your journey in scaling your business and living life fully. She is passionate about mindset and how we are in control of how we think. She loves listening to podcasts and anything related to personal development as she continues to learn and grow and become the best version of herself.

Our thoughts create our results.

Journaling is a great way to process ALL the thoughts in your brain. It can help you figure out what you’re thinking and uncover the thoughts that aren't serving you. Knowing where you’re starting helps you to get where you want to go! Shannon helps you to create a transformative model that analyzes and works through your thoughts so that you can better understand their role in your progress toward your goals.

If you’re looking for a Sales Expert & Mindset Coach with an abundance of experience helping entrepreneurs shift from stressed and worried into confident business owners who take action while selling from a place of connection and service then Book a call with Shannon today!

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