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Reclaim Your Personal Power, Minimize Stress, & Create Joy Every Day with Lisa Owens

Lisa Kleinsasser Owens

CEO at Stress Less & Thrive On

Founder of SLTO,

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt)

& Empowerment Coach for Busy Women

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Reclaim your personal power, minimize stress, & create joy every day!

Lisa helps women, primarily moms, to shake off the stressors that have been keeping them from living fully and supports them in embracing their true passions so they can reclaim their self-confidence and own the joys of today. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Reiki II Practitioner, Lisa has numerous techniques that will help you to break through the tensions that are keeping you from reaching your truest potential.

Lisa is a single mom of 4 sons and also a proud grandma. Family and love are key driving factors in all that she does. Her love extends to animals as well! In fact, she has a houseful of them: dogs, a cat, a bunny, a bird, and snakes. She prioritizes spending time outdoors enjoying little pleasures such as camping s fishing but also enjoys loom knitting, painting, and crafting.

Being able to enjoy these small pleasures wasn’t always an option for Lisa. Unfortunately, she endured a great deal of trauma during childhood and it followed her into her adult life. She didn’t allow her trauma to define or change who she has always been. Always wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is a highly sensitive person and a natural empath. All of these gifts have played a huge role in how she now helps others.

Living a life filled with stress seemed to be all she knew how to do until learning about the power of the subconscious mind while training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was able to take her traumatic experiences and turn them into gold! Expanding her focus from just hypnosis, Lisa has turned her strengths, knowledge and personal experiences into coaching and empowering moms. Her mission is to help as many moms as possible reclaim their life by creating balance every day so they can stress less and thrive on! It was not an easy journey by any means, it took dedication, determination & a strong desire to do the deep inner healing but Lisa takes pride in being a Heart-Centred Coach, meeting her clients where they are at & helping them grow and evolve into who they are truly meant to be.

De-Stress Tip:

You are not your thoughts!

What thoughts can you let go of?

Having walked the path herself, Lisa’s heartstrings get tugged whenever she hears about struggling single moms. She knows firsthand how difficult it is to be Mom and Dad, to live paycheck-to-paycheck, to use foodbanks, to feel alone! She only wishes that she had the tools & knowledge then that she has now. Although she can't change the past, she can change the future by supporting moms who feel stressed out and overwhelmed with family life and the demands of society by teaching them how to minimize stress and create joy every day.

Lisa has created a 5-week online program for moms that offers a Private Facebook Group and 1:1 Coaching. She knows that as Moms it can be easy to lose our identity of who we were before we became a mom. We say, "I'll create the life I desire when my kids grow up and move out" but WHY should we, as moms, have to wait until our kids move out when we can create that life now! In the Moms Empowered Today group, you get tips, tricks, compassion, and community that help you to destress and reclaim your joy. If you want to meet Lisa, in person, book a call and she would be happy to connect with you on an even deeper level.


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