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Put your Authentic, Smart, and Innovative Ideas into Words with Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell


CEO at The Campbell Agency


Putting your authentic, smart, and innovative ideas into words that advance your career.

Kirsten, also known as “The Marketing Tornado,” is a ghostwriter for people who are ready to accelerate their online visibility and authority in the digital world. She’s a junk robot of information which makes it effortless for her to assimilate into the role of your ideal client avatar. This makes it easy for your audience to think of you as the ideal solution to all of their problems.

Having a ready ability to learn anything that comes her way and being able to apply this knowledge in such a versatile fashion allows Kirsten to create content that is smart and intentionally marketing driven. Understanding that the content you are putting into the world is an integral part of your top tier sales funnel makes her skills invaluable to you.

There are many questions you should be asking yourself when creating compelling content but you don’t know what you don’t know which is exactly where Kirsten comes in. She knows just what to ask and how to use the answers you provide.

"What stories do the consumers I'm trying to change tell themselves?"

-Kirsten Campbell-

By asking questions like the one above, Kirsten is able to manufacture authenticity and her clients often feel as though she took the words right out of their head -saying, "it sounds like me, but better!"

With how vivaciously Kirsten devours information, her love for reading should not come as a surprise. Drinking wine, barbecuing and devouring her latest book club novel rejuvenates her for not only her next writing projects but her humanitarian efforts as well.

In a passionate drive for social justice, for over a year now Kirsten has been volunteering her time with Wall Street Bound, a non-profit that gets urban youth into finance. Tired of the systemic racism that has been holding the global majority back from achieving proportionate success, Kirsten aspires to make a difference in the lives of those who have unjustly been given less opportunity than their peers.

“IQ and talent are equally distributed, opportunity is not.”

-Wall Street Bound-

Kirsten’s exceptional interest in things greater than herself, from knowledge to social advocacies, makes her a dedicated and intriguing speaker at events. She is always ready to pass on the information gathered through her experiences as a ghostwriter and volunteer.

Find out how she can make a difference in your business and social community:

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