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Professional Systems, Organization, & Automation with Marcy Swallows

Marcy Swallows

Online Business Manager (OBM) & Dubsado Specialist

CEO of Crossroads Virtual Solutions

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Build business confidence through professional systems, organization, and automation.

Female coaches and creatives come to Marcy when they’re ready to eliminate stress, overwhelm, and wasted time through strategic organization and automation of their business tasks and processes. The relief and empowerment that comes with this next-level professionalism launches them into high gear in their personal and professional advancement. Project management, team coordination, and daily operation automation allow for more time, more clients, and an increased bottom line.

A Dubsado expert, Marcy develops detailed workflows by helping women to break down the operations of their business that are causing frustration and putting them into an organized system that uniquely fits their needs. These beautiful systems are used to onboard clients and make the day to day operations run seamlessly, all while being mindfully branded and providing a white glove experience for their clients.

If you’re hoping to refine the behind-the-scenes mess of running a business, Marcy openly shares the first steps of success in establishing a method that works, tailor-made, for you.

When you are trying to create a system or workflow, write down how you are currently doing things, then recreate it step by step with how you'd love it to work better. Create templates and implement ways to automate the process where you can so you aren't reinventing the wheel every time.

-Marcy Swallows-

Marcy stands by the Golden Rule that you should treat others as you wish to be treated.

She shares tips and strategies freely while networking and supports other women in business with the integrity and vigour of your own personal cheerleader.

She loves supporting women in achieving their business goals and cannot understand the hate and small-minded views that are so prevalent in our world today. Prioritizing collaboration over competition, Marcy believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. She strives to be a leader in showing more patience by reminding herself to just take a step back and pay it forward in kindness and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

A married mother of 15-year-old twin girls and 2 fur babies, Marcy has had plenty of personal opportunity to refine her skills in time management and organization. She prioritizes spending time with family and friends and loves to travel with them whenever she gets the chance. Books feed her soul and provide her with endless opportunities to learn and experience new things as she explores. While she’s at home, her Cricut machine allows her to expand her talents in the space of creating custom items that are designed to speak directly to the receiver’s likes and interests, much like how she customizes her Dubsado setups - everything in a full circle.

If you are looking to find more clarity in the work that you do or if you have questions about Dubsado and how it can amplify the productivity in your business by streamlining your sales and onboarding process, be sure to take advantage of her FREE consultation call and get to know someone who is excited about your success!

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