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Pain Points are a Thing of the Past (when writing great sales copy)

Focusing on pain points is an ineffective way to encourage your dream clients to work with you when they need help with their struggles. Building out your copywriting with this outdated, fear-based way of thinking will inevitably lead to lacklustre results.

It’s totally understandable why you think this is the foundation of great sales copy. You’ve been asked it a million times over: “what are your clients' paint points?” Literally, verbatim. The whole point of having a business is to offer a solution to some of life’s problems - pain points. Addressing consumers' challenges is prevalent in mass-consumption marketing which can add to the feeling that a focus on this aspect of the buyer’s journey is the right thing to do.

However, it is important to consider if this style of marketing works 100% of the time. The fact is that it definitely does not. There have been many studies that show how ineffective this fear-based style of marketing can be. People are REPELLED by “shoulds” and pain points live in the ‘should’ metropolis.

Knowing and understanding your prospective clients’ challenges is important but your clients already know what they’re struggling with and they don’t need any salt poured into that wound.

Don’t ignore pain points altogether. Instead, use your thorough understanding of the struggles your dream clients are experiencing to point them in the direction of POTENTIAL. Replace ‘shoulds’ with ‘coulds’ and ‘what ifs.’

Sticking with struggle-centred marketing and fear-based copywriting will automatically put your prospective clients into a lack mindset which will make it harder for you to help them by closing the sale on your problem-solving offer. Guiding your audience to a place of abundance and empowering them to invest their time, energy, and finances into the life-changing offer that your business has for them will make a massive difference in bottom-line conversion.

What journey do you want to take your prospective clients on?

One of fear and hesitation or one of abundance and potential?

The choice is yours.

Stop over-complicating your copywriting and content marketing.

Start focusing on making life simpler while increasing authority and brand awareness for your business.

Email “SIMPLIFY” to today!

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