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Navigating the Chaos of Corona in Business: Using Copy to Be Visible, Vulnerable, and Valuable.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The world has turned upside down and nothing is quite as it used to be. Life looks different than it did before this whole pandemic started and it might be a little - okay, a lot - scary. Whether it’s life, the virus, or the world at large that’s making you feel unstable, you’re still expected to be a leader in the business world. Many companies are pulling back during this time of uncertainty but experts agree that this can be your time to shine if you focus on the right elements of business growth and development. Making yourself visible, showing vulnerability, and providing value are three ways that you can ensure your business not only makes it through this chaotic time in one piece but also finds itself in a position to thrive on the other side.

Be Well

A business can’t thrive if its leader is stressed and worried about the uncertainties of the future. Guess what? You’re that leader and you need to find peace for your business to thrive the way it was meant to! The best way to find calm in the chaos is to realign with your body’s needs and connect with a community of knowledgeable and supportive people. Throughout all of these ups and downs, you are still human and you need to take care of your own physical, mental, and emotional health. Once you’re in a space where you can better focus on what it will take to grow your business in the trenches then you can really make ripples while others are still holding back!

“You have been leaning on your health reserves, waiting for a reason to make your health a priority. COVID-19 is your excuse. Now is your time.”

Jessica Rousseau,

Ayurvedic Health Counsellor

VedaJess Health Counselling

Make Yourself Visible

With so many taking part in self-isolation, more people than ever are available, online and offline, to read your content, engage, and inquire about your business offerings. If you’re not already running your business online, this is a great time to explore and take full advantage of this surprise opportunity. There’s always a silver lining; this may be the push you needed to speed up your online business development. Make yourself visible with a website, blogs, ads, and social media. Expand and reach out to your potential clients with email sequences, videos, and virtual coffees to show the real person behind the company logo. Ensuring that your online presence is consistent and reliable is a vital aspect of committing to this type of visibility. The way the world relies so heavily on the online space, pandemic or not, your investment in that outlet won't go to waste.

"There will always be a challenge you need to overcome. The difference is whether you allow it to become an excuse that stops you from chasing your passion… Be proactive and ready to rise from the current situation prepared and ready to thrive."

Tammy Collins,

Branding and Marketing Expert

Be Vulnerable

While it is important to maintain consistency in your business content, failing to attend to current events would be a missed opportunity in how you show up for your audience. With the right plan of action, you can keep your content on-point and fresh while still being sympathetic to the ever-changing needs of your prospective clients. Making your content relatable and authentic shows vulnerability and plays a vital role in connecting with your people. This connection can be done in a number of ways: content, copywriting, videos, social media posts, and pictures to name a few. Regardless of the medium, you will ideally be telling stories (comprehensively linked to your brand) that lean on the human condition by making an emotional appeal. In sales, this type of vulnerability will lead to brand loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and business growth. Use this globally chaotic opportunity, unique as it is, to tell stories and be real while always keeping to your content strategy.

Provide Value

Taking this time to share tips, tricks, and lessons learned will show your prospective clients the knowledge and experience you possess. Providing value in your content makes your audience confident in your abilities and builds your authority in your field. Even if they’re not ready to buy from you at this moment, you will have created something that resonated with them and potentially helped them through a difficult time. This will increase the likelihood of them coming back to you or referring others to you in the future. Failing to start or neglecting to maintain your online content and copy during these chaotic times would be a disservice to the business you’ve invested so much of yourself in.

"I truly believe that if you have a business that you anticipate runs past this pandemic, that now more than ever you need to go sell and you need to serve… people will buy from people that they know, like, and trust."

Ryann Dowdy,

Sales Coach & Founder

Uncensored Sales

Be memorable

Navigating the chaos of running a business during this global pandemic is not easy. You need to be at the top of your game, ready to make decisions on the fly as new information floods in. It is of utmost importance that you make time to practice self-care so that your mind and body are in the right place to run your business most effectively.

While many are nervous, tentatively exploring the possibilities of doing business online, you can be at the forefront of progress by using your online presence to make yourself visible, show vulnerability, and provide value to the multitude of people who are now occupying the online world. Relatable, informative, and consistent content and copy can achieve these goals.

Maintaining your online presence with as much, if not more, vigor than before will ensure that your business not only makes it through this chaotic time in one piece but also finds itself in a position to thrive on the other side.

“If there is a secret to success, it’s consistency.

You can’t show up once and expect people to work with you — or even to remember you. But if you show up every day, with relevant content, if you’re concisely present and helpful and genuine, people will notice. Even if they’re not commenting or liking or sharing, they’re seeing you, again and again. You’re becoming a part of their world slowly but surely.

And the moment they’re ready to hire someone with your expertise, you’re the person who will be top of mind.”

Abbi Friedman Perets,

Owner, Mentor, & Copywriter

Successful Freelance Mom

Whether you think people are buying during these crazy times. Whether you’re pivoting your offer to appeal to the current global dynamic. Whether the world feels like it’s turned upside down.

If you want long-term success in your business then you need engagement, you need sales, and you need to be remembered.

People may or may not be buying right now but they will be buying again soon.

You want to be the one they think of.


Let's connect and dive into the details to get you on the path to content and copywriting success!

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