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Move into Action to Achieve the Vision You have for Your Business with Kathleen Lawson

Kathleen Lawson

Kathleen Lawson Consulting

Business Strategist

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Move into action to achieve the vision you have for your business!

Kathleen uses her extensive business experience to guide you in creating your Path of Action which puts the necessary structure and routines in place to take your business to the next level. Managing a business while living life fully doesn’t have to be hard. A wife, mom, and big fan of bloody maries at brunch, Kathleen has the compassion, know-how, and tough love to help you successfully execute your plans for business growth.

Extensive business experience across functional areas (strategy, marketing, operations, project management, supply chain, sales, management) and industries give Kathleen a comprehensive perspective when working with small business owners of any kind. Down-to-earth and relatable, Kathleen always brings immense value to a conversation by sharing tips, tricks, and insights that can only come from first-hand immersion in the small business world. She loves working with people in this space because it feels so much more impactful for everyone involved - quick decisions, fast growth, immediate success!

Kathleen’s best time management tip: implement a weekly planning process.

The first step is to use your calendar: view your week, get your tasks and responsibilities down on paper, prepare your work and manage your time accordingly before you dive in and start flying by the seat of your pants. This allows you to VISUALLY see where you have time to do things. If you start doing that week after week, it allows you to make rules around your scheduling and boundaries that keep you on track for success. It also allows you to make changes, if necessary, that better accommodate the way you want to live your life and take better control of your time to be more productive overall.

No stranger to the pressures and complications of everyday life, Kathleen and her husband have raised 5 boys, now high school aged and older. Hanging with them is what lights her up as she gets to experience a different kind of fun as they grow into adulthood. She also loves to cook and spends a fair amount of time in the kitchen although she claimes to be “losing the battle of trying to incorporate some vegetarian meals” since every time she puts one on the table, her comedians all look at each other and ask, "did you eat all the chicken? I didn't get any chicken!" Now that her boys are mostly grown, their time has been spent having bloody marys at brunch and watching Cheers on the peacock channel.

Family being as important as it is for Kathleen, she likes to support The Special Olympics whenever possible and says, “If you've EVER attended, you would never forget it.” Her nephew has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, and has participated in the Special Olympics for years. Kathleen finds sports in general very inspiring - but watching the way people come together to put these events on and give kids these opportunities for success is amazing.

Opportunities will present themselves in your business too when you put the structures and routines in place that facilitate the action needed to drive your big vision. Kathleen works with clients 1:1 and runs accountability groups where she guides them along what she calls their Path of Action: Prioritizing goals, creating action plans, implementing processes and systems and then focusing on successful execution. Book a call with Kathleen where she will off a tip or two to help you streamline your success!


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