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Make Your Biggest, Non-negotiable Dreams Come True with Rakshitha Prakash

Rakshitha Prakash

CEO at Rakshitha Prakash Coaching

Life Coach (*not working*)

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Make your biggest, non-negotiable dreams come true!

Focused on being the Youest YOU that you can ever be, Rakshitha has devoted her expertise to creating a hyper-personalized journey for you to be able to make your biggest, non-negotiable dreams come true. She spreads her specialization across platforms through the non-profit organization that she co-founded after using a unique methodology to transform her own life in ways that she never imagined possible.

Rakshitha doesn't just talk the talk and she wants the same for you. She says, "II am ME. I don't do OTHERs. What I am INSIDE, That's what you'll see OUTSIDE, in my work. I'm still working on bringing that into my life, but my work ethic is set. Who I am is What I do."

As a child, Rakshitha loved staring at the stars in the night, walking on freshly-rained grass, taking long walks in nature, and being with herself and her imaginary friends - one of whom was a huge, underground crocodile who lived right under her feet and was her archenemy's pet. Even though it was just a daydream, Rakshitha felt all the scary feelings of her experience with this animal stalking her to the point where she actually surrendered to him saying, "What will happen, will happen, if that crocodile wants to kill me, let him. I'm ready to die!"

Although she doesn't remember what EXACTLY was happening in her daydreams, she was already in tune with what it meant to release and move into a state of transformation. After THIS, everything shifted. The giving up, the surrender, the saying of, "you know what, fuck it! I'm not doing this anymore!" That's what caused the shift. The crocodile became one of her best friends as he realized that she had a heart full of bravery, faith, and love. In the end, they saved a lot of lives together.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you surrender to and embrace that which you fear.

Born and raised in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Rakshitha loves singing Carnatic classical and Sufi music. She reads and writes A LOT and is famous in her friend’s circles for making personalized gifts. She is involved with oracle and tarot cards and enjoys meeting new people. She is a Saggitarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Rising and my Lunar Mansion is Delta Cancri (We call that Pushya Nakshatram in Indian Astrology).

In addition to her skills in the coaching space, Rakshitha is the co-founder of a non-profit organization (SWARI) that supports indigenous artisans in the 2 artisan towns of Ramanagara (Silk workers) and Channapatna (Woodworkers). While there is immense value for their work all over the world, these people feel like labourers rather than artisans ad are consistently being undervalued and underpaid for their skills. The charity’s goal is to bring these people's art into the mainstream and spread all over the world. The first step is already in the works as they’ve created an eCommerce store for the products these artisans make.

One way you can help is by BUYING the products the artisans make through this online store. Like the famous philosopher, Lao Tzu said, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This is SWARI’s main motive: BUY the products and encourage the artisans to continue working on their art, keep their art alive, earn their own money and support their families with pride and joy!

Rakshitha’s advice:

First, focus on Being the YOUest YOU you can EVER BE! (

In this process, Be the KINDEST you can be, TOWARDS YOURSELF!)

Once you are YOU, and you're confident about that...

THEN, focus on Being Kind to and empathizing with other people.

Don't do both at once!

If you’re looking to dive into this amazing world of transformation, growth, kindness, and innovation then RUN, don’t walk to book a call with this amazing woman today!

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