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Level Up Your Services to Achieve Superior Results with Rosa Jakobs

Rosa Jakobs

High-Value Offers & Pricing Expert

CEO at Rosa Jakobs

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Level up your services to achieve superior results!

Rosa uses her unique framework to refine and enhance your offers so you can provide superior results for your clients. These successful outcomes combined with custom money mindset coaching and actionable business growth strategies lead to a rate increase of at least double what you were charging before. Own your genius and be the powerhouse service provider you were meant to be!

Pivoting to higher-value services not only amps up the results for your clients but it subsequently supports and justifies a higher rate of charge for you in your business due to those superior outcomes. Focusing on your zone of genius, Rosa guides you in refining your program in such a way that your clients reap the full benefits of your expertise while you live the life you were hoping for as an entrepreneur - no overtime, healthy earnings, huge impact!

Rosa will help you to edit your energy and release any money blocks that are holding you back from your fullest potential. A good place to start when working toward charging more is raising your money frequency. This begins with freely giving of that energy source before being able to open up completely to receive. Rosa happily offers this example and regular practice:

I challenge you to be really mindful of your feelings about money.

Start thinking about your feelings when paying your bills. Do you feel nervous about it?

I challenge you to have more positive energy when paying your bills.

Do it happily, thinking about how it will come back to you tenfold.

Even if you have no clue how. Just put that intention out there and happily pay your bills.

Rosa has a time-tested exercise that she does with her 1:1 clients to check the value that they deliver to their clients and states that they often choose to double their fees after doing this projection alone.

It is extremely important to Rosa, a Mexican-German who loves location independence, that her clients have the ability to live out their dream life using the skills and strategies that she is able to give them. While she indulges in sailing, hand-lettering, and travelling, her clients are able to find the financial freedom to do what they love too.

Working primarily with women, Rosa has proudly found herself as an active advocate for feminist equality in the form of decreasing the gender gap. New research from FreshBooks discovered a 28% wage gap between self-employed women and men. Rosa’s methodology is elevating the rate at which female entrepreneurs feel confident charging for the extreme high-value services they offer. Additionally, she has always had a preference for small, local business investment so as to be mindful of her eco-footprint and contribution to the local economy.

You can raise your prices too! Rosa is always happy to hop on a call and chat about the options you have to elevate your service value and raise your rates exponentially to match. Superior results are just a phone call away!


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