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Learn to Love Parenting Again with Rachel Kurian

Rachel Kurian

CEO at Explore Kid Talk:

Positive Parenting for the Early Years

Parenting Coach

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Learn to love parenting again!

Being a parent to little ones is not easy.

Things are messy and frustrating.

There are many - MANY - ups and downs.

Having firm but positive parenting methods can make all the difference in how your family works together to make a peaceful environment for everyone. Rachel meets you where you are on your parenting journey to eliminate the overwhelm and provide you with the skills and support necessary to navigate all of the adventures that parenting has to hold.

Working one-on-one with families of little ones, Rachel is able to provide a safe space for you to feel empowered in your parenting as you regain control of your guiding role and connect more deeply with your children. Having worked with families and children her whole life, Rachel loves being able to help you make your days a little easier so that you can be your best self in all that you do. From potty training to picky eating or brushing teeth and inappropriate behaviours, Rachel has the knowledge and resources available to make you love parenting again.

Families who encounter additional challenges in the parenting space can find an understanding ear with Rachel as well. As an experienced Early Intervention worker, she has been an active supporter of Autism Speaks and says, “they have a special place in my heart.” Rachel encourages everyone to learn about neurodiversity, support the charities in whatever way they can, and remember to treat others - even those perceived as different from yourself - the same as you would hope to be treated: with love and compassion.

Regardless of your child’s neurological composition, Rachel understands the roller coaster that is having a toddler under-toe. Toddlers are little people with BIG emotions. They often don't know what to do with those overwhelming feelings and wind up having a tantrum instead. This can result in anything from a minor annoyance or could be a major inconvenience depending on the circumstances. The thing is, they don't have the logical capacity at this stage to be able to control themselves the way an older child or adult might. If you’re just entering or eyeball deep in this stage of development, Rachel offers this tip:

Recognize your toddler’s feelings.

Their feelings are ok, but their behaviours are not.

Show them an alternative way to express their emotions.

Acknowledging your toddler’s emotions while separating them from their behaviours is a great first step in positive parenting that allows your child to feel that they are loved while also knowing that there are behavioural expectations when things get tough.

A mom of two fabulous boys (who happen to share the same birthday!) and a doting wife to a husband who supports her in every way, Rachel practices what she preaches. With the structure and freedom that her methods provide, she is able to effectively support other parents, grow her business, and enjoy movie nights where her family can sit and cuddle on the couch together. Movies are one of her favourite ways to relax and regroup while still connecting with the people she loved most in the world.

Rachel has worked with children and families her whole life, both in the classroom and at home. She has the education, experience, and compassion required to support you as you move forward into a place where your daily parenting struggles are a thing of the past. To ease into this peaceful flow, Rachel offers a positive parenting membership where she offers resources, group coaching, and more! Let Rachel guide you so you can learn to love parenting again.


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