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Leadership Confidence & Financial Security with Michele Roberts

Michele Roberts

CEO at Michele Roberts Coaching

& Total Accounting and Bookkeeping, Inc.

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Leadership confidence & financial security catered to you.

Often when we have a lot on our plate, we dive in thinking that if we can just complete something, it translates to progress. This is rarely the case. Michele helps clients develop personal leadership and confidence so they can build a life in which they are personally effective and financially fit. Injustice sits poorly with Michele as she advocates fiercely not only for her clients but for human rights as well.

Michele’s intensive four-month program uncovers and demolishes detrimental mindsets while building a concrete roadmap and strategy to a financially fit life while her coaching focuses on the human "being" rather than the human "doing" trap that is so easy to get caught in. Using techniques to stay centred and to promote self-compassion, Michele empowers her clients to lean into simple ways to make big changes in their lives and overall happiness.

Effective well-known strategies include meditation and gratitude journaling but it doesn’t need to end there. Michele also loves the classic time-management matrix shared by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You can evaluate all of the things coming your way by dropping them into the matrix and determining whether they're truly important or whether they're just "urgent" things imposed by someone else's standard. This way, you only work on what really matters and chuck the rest of the noise.

All of Michele’s work is customized and catered to your success. You won’t find a cookie-cutter course or template of steps to walk through the journey which is highly strategic since research suggests that behaviour changes are more likely to stick when you develop the roadmap yourself. What this means is that Michele spends a great deal of time listening to, guiding self-discovery, and providing feedback to pull the best out of her clients. It's sometimes hard, but with patience and willingness to work, positive change is inevitable.

A happily self-proclaimed workaholic, Michele is married, has two grown kids, and a life full of experiences that create a foundation of empathic and practical guidance to draw from in order to support you fully. She gets absolutely lit up at the slightest sniff of injustice and works tirelessly to advocate for human rights, primarily within the Black Lives Matter space. When we are constantly reminded of unjust actions that go without consequence, it hurts every single time. It's incredibly sad that people could find the Black Lives Matter statement offensive - and it's reaffirming that racism is alive and well.

Michele tells the story of when she initially described racism to her stepdaughter. She said, "They know I didn't have control over [my skin colour], right?" And when her son first heard the N-word; it was heart-breaking. No one should have to look over their shoulder and fear that the system is stacked against them, yet to live in a bubble where they ignore it could prove hurtful as well.

As an advocate for human rights, you can support the Black Lives Matter movement by educating yourself on the topic of racism as well as actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all spaces. You can also take the implicit association tests to gain an understanding of your own unconscious biases and challenge yourself to make a change.

All seriousness aside, Michele is also a fan of living life fully! She is a nerd who likes to write, play board games, and listen to the music of the 90s. Her 5 minutes of fame came from dancing in a hip-hop show celebrating 15 years of rap -- this was back in the late 80s or 90s. So, if you’re looking for a fierce, compassionate, intelligent, and fun connection, don’t hesitate to Book a call with Michele today!

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