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Intentional Organization for Smooth Growth with Lisa Steik Helfer

Lisa Steik Helfer

CEO at Your online helper

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Intentional Organization for Smooth Growth

With email inboxes easily bubbling over 10 thousand, it’s not surprising that important messages and documents are getting lost in the shuffle. How many hot leads go cold, project deadlines get extended, and hours get wasted trying to sort through the tedious back-end work of a busy entrepreneur? This doesn’t have to be your reality. Lisa brings her generous, adventurous, and unique passions to light with her exceptional organizational skills that make business growth smooth and stress-free.

An amazing mom and lover of the great outdoors, Lisa enjoys cycling, hiking and visiting state parks. As a creative, she also loves the beauty of getting immersed in her crafts and gardening. She appreciates the little miracles in life and raises monarch butterflies, seasonally - the transformative metaphor of which is in total alignment with how she serves her clients - going from flustered and frustrated to organized, relieved and ready to level up.

Always the giver, Lisa supports many causes including breast cancer research, the local church resale shop, and environmentalism. It gives Lisa joy to participate in eco-living as she makes sure to recycle and participate in local clean-up crews. This happiness is directly reflected in her VA work.

Specializing in email inbox rehabilitation, Lisa cleans out and organizes your emails with as much attention to detail as Marie Kondo and her laundry folding techniques. Lost leads, forwarded files, and all those emails from lists you had the best intention of engaging with when you signed up - Lisa’s got you covered. Keep track of e-receipts, know where to look for your latest booking, and access that urgent document in an instant with an organized inbox… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Back-end business organization will allow you to focus on what matters most in your world with confidence and seamless professionalism that can’t help but be felt by your onboarding clients. By handing off file creation, data entry, and document organization, you can shake off imposter syndrome and all of those limiting beliefs that have held you back from achieving your fullest potential because now you are immersed in your genius rather than the tedious tasks that take up most of the time in your day.

Reliable, prompt and helpful, Lisa was made for this role. Not too many people enjoy doing the tedious work but it gives her a sense of accomplishment and pride to be able to support others in achieving their big vision goals. Find your flow and stop working away at the stuff that isn’t driving you and your business forward by booking a call with Lisa today!

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