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How To Make More Sales With Brand Messaging that sticks

Marketing your business is essential to long-term success but creating a sustainable strategy begins long before any website, blog post or social media presence. Establishing industry authority in a way that makes your brand not only stand out but also be memorable is a matter of effective messaging.

Sticky brand messaging speeds up the connection process between your business and your dream clients which leads to an increase in audience engagement, lead generation and conversion. With refined and sales optimizes messaging, your business will gain visibility and traction that will evolve and grow as you do.

Developing this marketing goldmine takes a great deal of honest reflection, authenticity and - yes - market research. There are 3 key elements that will support you along this journey: You need to know your audience, your offer and your value - inside out!

Know Your Audience

Does your audience feel seen, heard & understood?

The quickest way to establish a strong connection with your audience is to empathize with them in a way that shows your understanding of their struggles and desires while also presenting as a knowledgeable and capable authority. The most reliable way to get to know your dream clients is to do market research: ask past clients, prospective clients & community members for their input on your area of expertise.

To be thorough, make sure you start with the direct, obvious situations and then move on toward their deeper, community-based experiences. Ask about how these primary challenges affect their current day-to-day tasks, relationships, mindset, etc. Then project into more meaningful future situations - larger scale issues that arise from not addressing the problem at hand.


Great First Step: Start with a blank paper that has your dream client’s name at the top. Set a 5-minute timer and brain dump their story (the time will go by fast so let go of perfectionism and just write!). Be sure to dig deep and jot down anything and everything about this person: their past, current, and desired situation (personally, professionally, internally, environmentally, etc.) → Remember, it’s easier to tease out what isn’t helpful than to create more of what is.


Eventually, you will arrive at a point where some service-specific concerns and objections will pop up. This information is invaluable and should be used strategically as you approach the next phase of brand message development.

Know Your Offer

What transformation do you provide your clients?

Positioning your offer so that your dream clients understand how it helps them to avoid failure and achieve success is all about transformation. Putting your audience’s pain points into perspective show’s them what's at stake if they don’t take action. However, Donald Miller - author of Building Your Storybrand - reminds us that fear is like salt in a recipe; too little and it will be bland but too much and you will ruin it.

Be clear & speak to the ROOT CAUSE to solve the WHOLE problem, LONG-TERM.

This will help your prospective clients realize 3 types of successful endings - the other end of what’s at stake if they don’t take action. The first involves winning power, position and/or authority in their field. The second may include a union that makes them feel whole (relationships) while the third is a sense of self-realization and acceptance of the fact that they did have what it takes to succeed all along. (Building Your Storybrand by Donald Miller)

Know Your Value

How is what you do different & better than others in your field?

This is where we flip the script on your market research and do a competitor analysis to get a better understanding of your differentiators. The things that make you and your brand stand out from others in your field act as leverage toward faster and more meaningful business growth.

The information that you gather in this space will influence many aspects of your brand messaging but they are particularly impactful when it comes to reflecting on the deeper meaning attached to what you do in your business. This information will help you position your mission, vision and purpose in a way that reflects your personal “why” which helps drive your habits and motivates you to press on when you’re in the thick of entrepreneurship.

Your unique value proposition will also come from a balance of knowing your audience, offer and value. This statement will quickly relay the most important information necessary to move a prospective client closer to conversion in the customer journey. It will permeate every aspect of your brand messaging which will make your marketing consistent, authoritative and easier to outsource in the long run.

Increasing visibility with effective brand messaging will make your business stick in the minds of your prospective clients which will increase conversion and help you achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Memorable brands that serve the heck out of their clients while providing immense value to interested followers will create brand loyalty that outlasts the competition. Having a solid strategy within which to sprinkle your epic brand messaging will only lead to realized dreams and profound success.

For this reason, SLA Marketing Confidence is NOT 🛑 the marketing support you want if all you're looking for is superficial, fluffy output for the sake of "showing up."

Instead, ✅ if you want to show up with purpose, connect deeply with your audience and move them to invest their time, energy, and money intentionally then we’re excited to dive in (& deep dive we do!).

Never mind ripples, let's make waves!🌊

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