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How To Correct The Downside Of AI Content Creation

The battle between humans and robots is a story that never seems to lose its edge. What began in the first half of the 20th century as a theoretical concept has evolved into a controversial modern-day reality. For influencers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs in general, the concept of AI (artificial intelligence) content generation has spurred polarizing conversations across the digital world.

AI content creation refers to the use of advanced artificial intelligence technologies to generate various forms of content, such as text, images, and videos. The goal of AI content creation is to allow developers and businesses to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently, without the need for human input or manual effort. This is achieved with cutting-edge learning algorithms, which are trained to recognize and repeat patterns and relationships in whatever content data they're given. The trained models can then be used to generate new content based on the patterns and relationships they have learned, enabling AI to produce content that is similar in style, tone, and quality to human-generated content.

Some applications of AI's content creation include news articles, product descriptions, social media posts, creative writing, and even coding. By automating content creation, AI is helping entrepreneurs, businesses and developers to save time and resources, while also producing content of a higher quality and consistency than they could otherwise achieve - but at what cost?

Let’s take a closer look at the Pros & Cons of using AI to create content for your business.


  • Increased Efficiency: AI technology allows for faster content creation and distribution, freeing up time for entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of their business.

  • Cost-effective: Using AI to generate content is much more cost-effective than hiring a team of writers or content creators.

  • Improved Consistency: AI technology can provide consistent content across different platforms and channels, allowing for a consistent brand image.

  • Data-Driven Insights: AI technology can collect and analyze data to inform content creation and optimization, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs.


  • Lack of Human Touch: AI technology may lack the emotional appeal and creativity of human-generated content, potentially reducing engagement and impact.

  • Limited Understanding of Tone and Context: AI technology may not fully understand the tone and context of certain topics, resulting in inappropriate or insensitive content.

  • Dependence on Algorithms: AI technology is dependent on algorithms, which can be limited by their programming and data inputs.

  • Vulnerability to Misinformation: AI-generated content may spread misinformation or fake news, damaging the reputation of the entrepreneur and their business.

Overall, while AI technology has the potential to greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs, entrepreneurs must consider the limitations and potential risks before fully adopting it as a content creation tool.

How do you correct the downside of using AI to generate content as an entrepreneur?

  • Quality control: Regularly review the generated content to ensure that it meets the quality standards and tone of voice you want for your business.

  • Human oversight: Assign a human editor or content strategist to review the content and make changes if necessary.

  • Human-AI collaboration: Integrate human feedback into the AI algorithms to continually improve the content generated.

  • Diversity and bias: Monitor the content generated for bias or diversity issues and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the content is inclusive and representative of all voices.

  • Avoid plagiarism: Use plagiarism detection tools to check for similarities between the generated content and existing content.

  • Relevance: Regularly update the AI algorithms to ensure that the content generated is relevant to current trends, events, and market changes.

  • Tell YOUR story: No AI tool can speak to your unique experience so take the time to create bespoke content that speaks to you, your journey & what it means to do what you do as only you can do it.

As with most, if not all, of the robot versus human stories, there is a happy medium that must be maintained in order to bring out the best of both worlds. Too much of one and it’s anarchy, too much of another and it’s grinding monotony - I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which.

If creating content for your business is making you feel anything less than the ambitious creative you are - someone in control of achieving and surpassing your goals - then book a clarity call today to get your marketing mojo going - for real this time.

P.s. this article was made from bits and pieces of AI - could you tell?

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