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Combining heart and technology, Lily provides the resources necessary to not only get your business on the map with a dynamic website but also guides you through the steps that take you to next-level professionalism. Highlighting your expertise comes naturally to Lily as she has developed a holistic methodology that makes your business align fully with the core of your values. Getting your business going and growing feels easy and empowered when Lily takes your hand.

When she isn’t loving on her three beautiful children and hanging out with her high school sweetheart, Lily can be found designing websites for women-owned businesses so they can have a professional online home that they can be proud of. Combining her tech knowledge with a heart-focused desire to watch her clients succeed, Lily takes her service a step above the best by truly providing a full-service option for those in need.

As a passionate advocate for the military community, Lily also has resources specific to business development for motivated entrepreneurs in that space as well. Operation Syt Launch created partnerships with military-friendly organizations to help guide veteran and mil-spouse entrepreneurs to break into and excel at entrepreneurship. This passion project started as a way to provide website design services to members of the military community but is evolving to become an all-in-one resource that includes courses, mentoring, and coaching.

Lily’s best advice?

Get help.

No matter what stage you are at in your business, accepting help makes life a whole lot easier and it doesn’t make you any less of a leader in doing so. Whatever form that help may take (hiring a VA, buying a course, consulting with local resources like the SBA), getting assistance from others who've travelled the same path you are on will boost your confidence and lighten your load tremendously.

A great place to find resources to support you in your journey, while having fun at the same time, is Lily’s weekly FB live show, Chatting over Coffee, where she chats with other entrepreneurs about some of the things she loves: buying planners she never uses, drinking lots of coffee, and watching K Dramas - also, business strategies and life’s quandaries. Don’t miss your chance to dive in and join some amazing entrepreneurs who are really making an impact!


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