Generate Multiple 6 Figures without Burning Out Behind the Scenes with Stephanie Hill-Manuel

Stephanie Hill-Manuel

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Generate multiple 6 figures without burning out behind the scenes!

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with accelerating your company's growth no matter what is going on in the world. Through advanced strategy applications with tools, systems, and processes, Stephanie allows you to maintain stability during the ups and downs of business development. Whether you’re scaling or navigating a tumultuous economy, you will be prepared to come out on top.

After over a decade in the corporate business world, literally project managing battleships for the Navy, Stephanie decided to take her wide range of knowledge and skills into the entrepreneurial world to help others achieve business success - whatever that may mean to them. For Stephanie and her husband, it meant creating a flourishing business that allows them to spend all their time with their lovely daughter.

After leading a rollercoaster of adolescence that ended with her graduating college with a baby in her belly, Stephanie knew she was destined to move mountains. She kept her standards high and became a homeowner with her partner at 23 years old. Stephanie consistently levelled up her career and business which ultimately gave her the ability to be home with her daughter and lead by example as she motivated her clients to create the success that allows them to achieve their dreams as well.

An advocate for planning and preparedness, Stephanie already has big plans for retirement. She plans to open a cat café on the beach where she can make smoothies and showcase adoptable shelter animals to rescue. She loves all animals, actually, but especially cats. Thankfully, she found a husband who allows her to be a crazy cat lady who puts her kitten in a backpack to hike and gets him "puppuccinos" from Starbucks! Until her retirement dream comes true, Stephanie supports Catty Shack which is an organization that supports wild cats and provides them with a safe, loving, forever home while teaching the public about their plight.

Stephanie’s dedication to success always overflows into the work she does with her clients. Her practices all stem from a profound belief in the superpower that is being prepared:

Winning can be defined as the science of being totally prepared.

Being prepared gives you total security and the privilege of being able to take calculated risks in your business which will take you to the next level. You will be able to withstand whatever comes your way and even come out of difficulties better-off than you could even imagine.

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