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Find or Build Work that Works for You with Jennifer Hargreaves

Jennifer Hargreaves

Founder at tellent

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Helping women to find or build work that works for them!

Jenny is the founder of tellent, a flexible work recruitment and social impact organization geared toward getting clear on what you want out of your next career move and out of your life. Not just what other people think you should want, but what YOU really want. Having grown up as the child who perpetually asked, “Why?” It’s no surprise that her big ideas are changing the way women are being represented in the workforce!

Having clarity and the right mindset will help you to stay inspired in your job search and move you confidently towards the career and life you really want. Understanding that 5% of your success comes down to strategy, while 95% comes down to mindset is your first step toward next-level success. You have the capacity and capability to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to!

Jenny has created an abundance of support opportunities that will get you to the next level of your professional career. One of which, the Propeller Experience offers your first week free to show you the amazing resources you will be able to access. You can find clarity and confidence in this customizable experience that works for everyone.

As collaborators, Jenny’s team understands that everyone's definition of success is different. They knew they couldn't just rely on one expert or thought leader to support women in their career journey. To provide immense value, they bring together experts from across industries and functions on a weekly basis; coaches, guides, and mentors; to help you meet your individual career goals.

Taking a holistic approach to career transition, the Propeller Experience marries mindset (clarity), skills retraining (confidence) and network building (community). They are the only program of its kind in Canada. With abundance at the forefront, Jenny’s team knows there is enough love, money, jobs, and opportunity to go around and leads with this mentality as a core value. There are over 200 women in their community working together to get further, faster towards their goals.

Jenny recently moved closer to her own personal and professional goals by making a big move that brought her and her family closer to nature - this is her happy place. Surrounded by big skies, forests, and outdoor pursuits, her whole family (two kids and husband) is out daily exploring the amazing adventures that nature has to offer.

Jenny tells stories of how her primary school teachers never appreciated her never-ending questions - challenging “why?”. In fact, it got her in a lot of trouble as a child but she now embraces that curiosity and the perspective that comes with challenging the status quo to create the impactful and lasting change she does through tellent and the Propeller Experience.

This innate questioning nature is what lights her up and why she started this community in the first place. She just couldn't understand "why" she had to choose between her career goals and her family goals - now she doesn’t have to and she is helping so many other women live the same truth. Jenny believes that everyone should have equal opportunity to achieve their version of success. Whatever that looks like - whether they want to be the foreman of a construction site, a teacher, or a CEO.

Her passion runs deep and tends to be quite contagious so don’t hesitate to Book a call with Jenny today and dive into her progressive and innovative world!

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