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Find HR Solutions to Make Your Team Happy & Your Business Thrive with Claire Noble

Claire Noble

CEO at NobleHR Solutions

HR Consultant

Find HR solutions to make your team happy and your business thrive!

Maintaining a strong and committed team can be tricky business. Keeping your business booming while respecting the ever-changing legal policies can eat up your already limited hours in a day. Claire provides custom HR consulting tailored to your business and work culture so that you don’t have to make tough people decisions alone.

Claire approaches each of her clients with the understanding that their situation is unique and requires a custom solution so as to optimize their HR experience. Whether you are struggling with high turnover, a change in work dynamic, or if your company culture is lacking, she has what it takes to give you a leg up over the competition but you shouldn’t expect a sugar-coated approach. Claire tells it like it is so that you can make the changes necessary for improvement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Claire’s top tip for improving all things HR:

Talk to your people.

Keeping the communication doors open between all levels of your business not only allows for more cohesion in fulfilling the larger vision of your company but also ensures that everyone feels heard and any issues that arise can be dealt with swiftly and painlessly. When everyone understands their responsibilities and feels valued while working toward business goals, productivity and work ethic gets a boost too.

Claire digs even deeper than that though. Keeping up with best practices and the ever-changing legal landscape of policies and procedures can leave many companies under pressure if they don’t have the resources, and know-how to put them into practice. No one wants to be caught in a tricky situation like that. The peace of mind is reason enough to book a call so claire can be your next HR consultant.

Peace of mind is what Claire is all about behind the scenes too. A nature lover at heart, Claire loves skiing, yoga, and travelling. You may not see it at first glance but the overlap of her personal passions and her consultancy is uncanny. The social community aspect of her Whistler adventures always has her coming up with new and innovative ways to promote communication within a team, Her empowering stretches and strength-building exercises while doing yoga is a reminder to turn inward and remember your humanness when dealing with difficult people situations, and her love of travelling reinforces her ability and passion for tackling anything that life throws at her.

In addition to her personal pursuits, Claire is also a loving mom who wants to reinforce the value of community to new moms who may not have as much as they need while taking care of a newborn. Baby Go Round is a Vancouver-based charity that helps low-income families with the resources and gear needed to welcome a new baby to the family. They accept donations of new and gently used baby gear, diapers, clothing and cash. In an effort to encourage equality and quality of life for all, Claire would be thrilled to hear that you’ve supported a young family in your community as well.


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