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Everyone Has A Favourite Mug: Be Authentic; Live Fully; Create a Legacy in Life & Business

Life and business are intricately intertwined.

One of the top priorities in effective digital marketing is being authentic. Showing up as anything less than yourself does you and your business a severe disservice and makes creating content way more difficult than it needs to be. Not only does having an authentic strategy provides you with an abundance of topic ideas that are completely on-brand but it also keeps your content confident, consistent, and relatable.

The juice is worth the squeeze.


What does it look like to show up as your authentic self?

How do you break down the fears that hold you back?

Where do you even start?

The most fun thing about these questions is that you’re probably already doing it.

Everyone has a favourite mug.

There are innumerable styles of mugs out there and they all serve the same purpose of carrying your desired liquid to your mouth for consumption. Despite the variety of mugs in the world, everyone has a favourite. Sometimes you know why it’s your favourite, other times it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what draws you to that particular mug. It’s just the one you instinctively gravitate to when you open the cupboard for your morning drink.

What’s up with that!?

That is your personal brand shining through.

That is the je ne sais quoi that set’s you apart from all others in the world.

That is a representation of your authentic self.

You do this with other things as well:

  • Mousepads

  • Water bottles

  • Seeing glasses

  • Pens

  • Notebooks

  • Hair elastics

  • Hand cream

  • Watches

Even the air freshener in your bathroom is a testament to you and your personal brand.

The list goes on and on with all of these everyday items that share sneak peeks at your underlying awesome. It is relatively normal for these things to differ from person to person; in other words, they’re the “safe” stuff.

"When we start to notice the little ways that our personal brand is shining through, it becomes easier for it to shine through in the scarier ways. We realize that we've given ourselves permission to be ourselves already, so it's easier to do it again...intentionally this time."

-Tracy Borreson-

(Personal Brand Expert at TLB Coaching)

So, why are you showing up as anything other than your true self in your digital marketing strategy?


Nearly every time this question is asked, the answer is fear.

Fear of messing up; fear of imperfection; fear of being judged.

There are plenty of trolls out there who are ready and willing to judge you for just about anything under the sun… So what if they do?

Many people think that they will achieve greater success by copying another person in their field but that’s fear lead thinking that will inevitably continue to hold you back from your fullest potential - in life and business. Just imagine if you were given the opportunity to use a similar mug to your own but yours was still available - why would you choose the fake? No one wants an imitation when they could have the real thing. Life is just inexplicably better with your favourite mug in hand.

Being authentic in your digital marketing will attract the RIGHT people. Just as there’s something about that mug that you’re drawn to, there are so many things about you that, when shared, will attract your ideal clients with vigour. It just feels better - on both ends.

Being scared is your only chance to be brave.

Show up as yourself: authentic, awkward, whatever.

You’re already doing it, just do it more.

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