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Entrepren-artists Champion their Finances with Julie Alcaraz

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Julie Alcaraz

Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultant

CEO at JAVA Business Solutions

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Helping Entrepren-artists eliminate overwhelm, get organized, and champion their finances.

A musician herself, Julie focuses her financial expertise on other entrepren-artists who are ready to make their dreams come true. Maybe you’re stretching your budget between gigs or juggling your passions with a full or part-time job; maybe you’re investing in a big project that will get you on the map to stardom or navigating the space of royalties, what you get paid and what you owe. Julie has the skills and experience necessary to get you on the path to success!

As a married, homeschooling mother of 2 and financial business owner, Julie has honed her skills in prioritization, time management, and goal achievement. What separates her firm from other Bookkeeping and Accounting firms is that she caters to the specific needs of people in the music industry. She facilitates their ability to achieve creative success by focusing on providing overall financial health for the artist, band, or business.

Julie will be the first to tell you that one of the first matters in developing a strong financial foundation in business is to set up a separate bank account for your business finances. Even if you have not yet decided on a business entity, as a sole proprietor (including DBAs) you can open a separate personal account until your entity is established. This type of preliminary organization will keep everything in tune as you develop the true melody of your business. Even if you haven’t started that way, it’s never too late to harmonize your business financials and really elevate the way you approach your musical success. If your books are too off-beat and overwhelm sets in, don’t worry - that’s what Julie’s here for! The set-up is all a part of the process.

As a lover of all things music, Julie uses her artistic skills to realign at the end of the day so that she can bring her best self to both her family and in service to her clients. She is extremely passionate about the power of personal choice and education that inspires children and adults alike to continue aspiring for greater things. Everyone is not made from the same mould and that’s what makes our creativity so beautiful. By taking on the elements of your business that don’t make you shine, Julie gives you the freedom to choose personal and professional growth that is unique to you and your business.

Going silver, gold, and even platinum begins with a firm grasp of your financial situation and a practical plan for success. If you're ready to champion your finances and start building the wealth that will take you to the next level then take Julie up on her complimentary consultation call today!

We're all looking forward to seeing your name in lights!

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