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Embrace Your Authentic Self with Tracy Borreson

Tracy Borreson

Founder & CEO

TLB Coaching & Events

Marketing & Brand Identity

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Embrace your authentic self and rise to your fullest potential in life and business!

Who you are is the defining element of everything you do; not just in life but in business too. Tracy is legitimately invested in making sure as many people as possible feel confident in being themselves - not just a cookie-cutter copy of who they think they should be. An honest representation of your personal brand makes a lasting impression on those around you and inspires an emotional connection that leads to action.

One of the ways Tracy embodies these ideals and turns them into action is by focusing on the creation of SPACES where people can tap into their authentic self, practice owning it, and finally use it to create additional spaces where more people can find their personal brands. One of the primary spaces she focuses on is the Your Business Peeps Community. The community is based on the principle that everyone has a personal brand and a zone of genius that the world needs, and if it's hidden (especially in a work capacity), the organization loses. The community facilitates mastermind-style networking to help everyone share their unique genius, as well as coaching and strategic planning resources that support people in finding their confidence and bringing it to the world in ways that feel authentic for them.

Although the community focuses on supporting individuals in this journey, there are also spaces available for pre-built teams (including executive teams) and change-makers. The former is supported in a space I like to call the Brand Leadership Campfire, an activity that allows the executive team to get 100% aligned on brand values and how they live in each department of the organization. The latter is supported in a space called the Consortium for Change, which is a space for change-makers to come to be reminded that they are not alone in wanting to drive change and to surround themselves with others who are as invested in change as they are.

All of these spaces are about celebrating your uniqueness. About showing people that they can truly "come as they are" and be exactly what the world needs. It should be no surprise then that Tracy’s core value is Authenticity. It's the MOST important thing to her in my personal brand, and she is legitimately invested in making sure as many people as possible feel confident in being themselves (not striving to be a cookie-cutter).

Tracy’s strong belief in authenticity drives her to help create spaces for ALL people to be included. This has motivated her to participate on the Board of Variety - The Children's Charity of Alberta; an organization that focuses on disability inclusion. Tracy’s aunt was born with spina bifida so, as a child, physical disability was a norm for her but as she grew up, she saw that not all of society supports these individuals in the same way. This charity is all about disability awareness and making sure that disabled children have all the same access as able-bodied children.

One of Tracy’s favourite initiatives with this organization is the Inclusive Playground Project where they create playgrounds that support disabled children's play as well. They make a space for ALL children to be children, without the weight of the judgement that comes from the rest of the world. There are always opportunities to get involved, from donating money to donating your time in a playground build. The organization is international, so find your local chapter and find out how you can support this amazing cause.

As a mom of a fiery, red-headed, 3yo boy, Tracy finds that the light of her life is teaching her more about personal branding every day. As adults, there's so much information that pulls us away from connecting with our personal brands but we don't have that as kids. Kids just show up and DO THEM, from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to sleep. For example, Tracy’s son enjoys sitting on the sofa and narrating what is happening with his garage door toy, not caring if anyone else minds, not caring what it might make other people think of him. He just wakes up, wakes up his garage door, and loves every minute of it. Using her skills in personal branding, Tracy hopes that as he grows up, she can help him to maintain that love and confidence in his authentic self.

Tracy expresses her own authenticity in her passion for dancing by hosting her own online cardio dance class which has been going strong for 6 years. For her, this is another space where people can share their love of dance authentically; no grades, no judgement. Dancing is all about personal expression and that can't be measured - except in the joy she gets to see on her students' faces. The best way to relax Tracy’s soul is with a hot cup of tea or a visit to the mountains. As an avid reader of fictional thrillers and lover of Lego, Tracy indulges in what set’s her heart on fire unapologetically, even stating that “my mom still buys Lego for me for Christmas every year!” All of these things allow her to reconnect with her personal brand almost instantly. And when she’s relaxing, you can probably find her watching either Star Wars or Harry Potter - unsurprising since her house is FULL of nerd art to match.

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