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Double Your Income through Next-Level Leadership with Rosalind Henderson

Rosalind Henderson

Leadership Trainer

CEO Leadership Keys Unlimited

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Double your income through next-level leadership!

Money mindset, community, and accountability are some of the building blocks that support you in enhancing your ability to consistently generate leads, make sales, and elevate your business. As a Visionary Leadership trainer, Rosalind guarantees that you will double your income in 90 days. She provides the tools and resources necessary to not only hit but surpass income ceilings you never dreamed imaginable!

Rosalind’s work originates from her thirty-year teaching career and her own experiences with coaching. She knows that people learn in a variety of different ways and appeals to your needs on an individual basis which speeds retention and your ability to apply the knowledge learned.

Her extensive psychological knowledge allows her to use proven principles in high-touch environments that include coworking, networking, and coaching events to increase revenue-generating activities and bottom-line results.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. It demands a lot of your time and effort to build a viable business. Even if you have the tools to scale your business, a lack of motivation to show up and get the job done will limit your results. Having a supportive network of similar-minded entrepreneurs can make all the difference. Without feedback and insight from other entrepreneurs, it’s easy to buy into the limiting stories you tell yourself - to lose heart and show up inconsistently. In the end, your business flounders. Rosalind’s services help to transform limiting mindsets as it relates to sales, abilities and money and get real-time feedback that makes work fun again.

Passion and play are the names of the game for Rosalind. As a passionate grandmother, she loves getting on the floor and playing with Legos and reading pop-up books with her one-and-a-half-year-old grandson. Young at heart, she loves being artistic by experimenting with paints and also indulges in watching others be creative through t.v. shows about fancy desserts and series where dilapidated cars are made into functional works of art. Rosalind asserts that whether she was an Elementary school teacher, author, blogger or Coach her mission has never changed - it is to pull out a person's potential by helping them pull up the roots of limiting beliefs while developing their genius--who they truly are.

It is, as the Mythologist Joseph Campbell states,

"The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are."

It's been her experience that there are so many barriers to the full expression of our genius. She wants to be on the side of helping people live authentically while making a good income.

After a trip to West Africa, she became passionate about studying African and black history which has helped establish her self-identity. She is also involved with Toastmaster International, the women's ministry at Cottonwood Church, as well as the generational healing ministry. All of these experiences and associations are aimed toward empowering and restoring one’s sense of self. Being a part of a supportive community makes a world of difference.

In her own community, Entrepreneurs: Double Your Income by Mastering Leadership Skills, Rosalind shares tips about boundaries in business, achieving goals, self-awareness, taking risks, and reigniting your passions by owning your personal truths. She encourages high performance and works in an innovative way to help clients transform limiting beliefs that allow them to double their income in 90 days.

Book a call to see how accountability, expert resources, and a safe work community can boost your leadership skills as much as it bolsters your bottom line.


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