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Ditch the Busy Work & Focus on Business Growth with Samantha Van Mourik

Sam Van Mourik

CEO of Sam's Assistance

Social Media VA


Ditch the busy work & focus on business growth!

With Sam’s Assistance, you can take your big ideas to the next level while confidently keeping your leads informed, nurtured, and booking calls through organic social media marketing. As a young entrepreneur, Sam is the future of effectively marketing your business long-term. Not only does she understand and effectively implement new social media features for your business but she does so in a way that authentically represents your brand while truly harnessing the dreams of your ideal client.

Sam takes care of the tedious behind-the-scenes tasks so you can focus on what will help your business grow! Running a business is stressful - trying to get everything done on your own can make you a bottleneck to your own success. With Sam's Assistance, you can achieve your goals with a helping hand. Be it creating graphics, scheduling content, engagement work, or any other tasks you need taken care of, Sam can help you reach the stars!

The "bottleneck effect" occurs when you try to take on too many tasks on your own. Each one of these tasks takes time and, even though it can be hard to pass the torch, they don’t all need to be done by you. With time, these tasks build up and cause stress that disrupts your workflow which makes it difficult to return to the same level of productivity. It also distracts you from driving the needle toward your ultimate vision. With a virtual assistant, you can get help to complete the tiny tasks so that you have more time to focus on the important stuff.

As a young entrepreneur, Sam brings fresh perspectives to the table. A young mind comes with new and innovative ideas, of which her brain is chock-full. She is also passionate about exploring the human condition and social psychology which allows her to have a better understanding of how to connect with others on a deeper level. This helps her to create more effective custom graphics, engaging posts, and inspired comments that really connect your brand to your ideal clients.

Sam believes in equality for all people and strongly supports the idea that we're all humans working towards the same goal: happiness. In realizing this truth while acknowledging and celebrating our differences we will be better equipped to band together and stand up for what is right. Leading with kindness comes naturally to her and she actively advocates for this every chance she gets.

Family means everything to Sam and she loves indulging in game nights, long walks, and fun adventures. She's interested in painting, knitting, music, photography, writing, and nature. Art in any form brings her joy, whether admiring that made by other people or creating it herself.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur looking to get some help with the tedious tasks that are holding you back from your fullest potential then Sam would love to connect! Follow her on Instagram and send her an email to book a time to chat!

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