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Create a Family Environment that Thrives with Sarah Parkes

Sarah Parkes

Transformational Family Coach

CEO at Sarah Parkes Coaching

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Stay calm and happy while creating a family environment that thrives!

Sarah helps mums to confidently hone the skills they already have so they can get beyond the day-to-day upsets and meltdowns while learning new, effective strategies to help their family thrive. She is passionate about transformation, being a catalyst for change, & empowering women to shine their light & recognize how incredible they are. She believes that mums are the glue that holds families together and it’s her mission to help create a legacy of parenting change where feminine and masculine qualities are equally valued in the home and community at large.

By teaching mindset and simple, practical skills using her 4 pillars of transformation, Sarah helps to unify your family in a stable and healthy way that encourages the mental and emotional growth required for impactful change. She uses tried and tested skills from How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, the 5 Love Languages of Children as well as relational dynamics coaching to help you move from feeling stuck in a loop of frustration and upset, to feeling connected and at ease. These simple techniques are incredibly effective. The fantastic thing about the methods she uses is that they give you a respectful alternative to the typical commands, lectures, bribes and threats we can end up resorting to, which leave us feeling annoyed, frustrated and guilty.

The key to managing our children’s big emotions is listening.

When we forget to truly listen, we add fuel to the fire. Children, like everyone on this earth, have a need to feel heard. When a person feels acknowledged they become empowered and motivated to do the same for others. Simple and small changes have a massive impact!

Sarah’s family is the driving force behind everything that she does. Living in Edinburgh with her husband and two daughters, Sarah leads by example and supports others to do the same. She has proven herself to be experienced, capable, and compassionate

enough to support mums even in their darkest moments. In addition to providing family coaching, Sarah reaches out to support mothers within the Sands program. Having experienced the same tragedy herself, she truly appreciates and understands the gravity of emotions experienced under these circumstances while also empowering others to embrace the opportunity for personal growth under duress.

Her experiences with the mums in Sands as well as with her own rainbow children combined with thorough training in the educational parenting space provides a solid foundation to support you through the ups and downs of raising respectful, curious, and emotionally intelligent children. Finding your way through the frustration and defeat of tantrums and meltdowns is easier with a tribe. Head over to Sarah's website to see how she can help.


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