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Copywriting 101: A Comprehensive Approach to Basic Sales Copywriting

Copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating, and least of all boring. In fact, great copy is not only meant to be simple and clear but also interesting and emotive. Whether you’re promoting a new offer, launching a long-time asset, or nurturing a warm audience, all of the content marketing that you’re sharing for your business will be improved by adding one or more elements of great copywriting.

Marketing your business involved many moving parts and learning how to DIY the process can be challenging - but it’s not impossible, especially with some strong foundational knowledge that will set you apart in the sea of sameness that is the online world today.

If you have been looking for a way to stand out and drive action for your dream clients then take a bit of time to review this compilation of copywriting resources and tell me what you think.

Content vs. Copy: What’s the Difference?

“All copy is content but not all content is copy.”

Alexander Santo, Senior Writer at Brafton Inc.

Copywriting basics will get you through the nitty-gritty of creating your own conversion copy. This 3 part series is great for websites, sales pages, email sequences, social media marketing, ads, & more!

  • YOU - Your copy isn’t about you

  • NEED - Establishing need for your leads

  • COPY - The Call to Action

Pain Points are a Thing of the Past (When Writing Good Sales Copy)

Focusing on pain points is an ineffective way to encourage your dream clients to work with you when they need help with their struggles. Building out your copywriting with this outdated, fear-based way of thinking will inevitably lead to lacklustre results.

Hesitation-Free Sales: Handling Objections in Your Copywriting

Objection proofing your offer isn’t about changing your brand and services to fit into a more defined and generally palatable cookie-cutter box. It isn’t about convincing or coercing. It’s actually not even about your business and services at all.

#1 Tip for Great Sales Copy

The message doesn’t start with what you want to say. It starts with what your audience is saying. This begs the question – are you listening to what they’re saying?

5 Perfect Questions to help you find the right copywriter for your business

You’ve got an amazing signature offer that you know will be an earth-shaker for your clients but… conversion isn’t what it should be. It might be time to outsource your copywriting.

When you’re ready to dive into the next level of conversion copywriting for your business, send an email with the subject COPY and we will get the ball rolling.

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