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Control your Time and Scale Faster with Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

CEO at JM Marketing Services

Virtual Assistant


Take control of your time and focus on scaling your business!

You have big plans that are going to amplify your impact and accelerate your growth but… you also need to manage your accounts, create content, and track analytics. How are you supposed to think big with all of these little tasks getting in the way?

Jennifer tackles the day-to-day marketing and management needs of your business while you focus on the big picture of growing your company and providing exceptional service to your clients. Levelling up your game has never been easier!

With a passion and flair for digital marketing, Jennifer dove headfirst into apprenticeship programs that allowed her to refine her skills with content creation, graphic design, and social media management. Your tedious tasks are her joys - data entry, planning and scheduling marketing content, as well as cheerleading for you and your business, is the cherry on top for this ambitious entrepreneur.

Your business’s success is her passion. Jennifer is all-in when it comes to indulging in the creative designs that drive people to your business. Making sure that they are in alignment with your core values and personal brand is a top priority but it is equally important to Jennifer that her compassion, authenticity, and willingness to explore shine through in all of her services.

A real giver, Jennifer not only loves to get creative helping entrepreneurs with digital marketing and other virtual assistant tasks but she also commits herself to serve others through regular volunteer work at senior living homes and the food bank. It doesn’t stop there though. Advocating for women’s rights and support for those who’ve been dealt a rough card, Jennifer encourages others to join her in supporting Archway Society for Domestic Peace where the organization works to help women get back on their feet to make a better life for themselves and their family.

You won’t find a more committed and caring VA, even if you tried. Jennifer’s hands-on experience has given her some great insights into the tasks you dread and she is ready and willing to share her strategies for success. Scheduling social media content is usually the crux for time sucking activities that most entrepreneurs don’t want to tackle but Jennifer says,

“No problem! Just use a multi-platform scheduler to save heaps of time.”

Her favourite at this time is Hero Post which pairs with LinkedIn Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more! For more tips and tricks, as well as to get yourself focused on the things that matter most for your business growth, take the time to book a call with Jennifer to see how she can help.


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