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Connect, Collaborate & Grow in Business with Terra Argo

Terra Argo

Argo Operations

Operations and Relationship Strategist

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Connect, collaborate and grow in business!

Having a network of aligned professionals in your back pocket is one of the main ingredients for a successful, scalable business. Finding the right people to sustain your growth in a way that reflects your core values and ambitious goals is easier said than done. Terra’s knack for making the right connections to facilitate your achievements will make getting there dynamic and fun!

As the Founder and CEO at Argo Operations, Terra has developed a consultancy based on people-focused operations and relationships. She is also Co-Founder of the Your Business Peeps global community, whose mission is to provide a space for business owners and leaders to connect, collaborate and grow a business that reflects them. She also enjoys collaborating on the YouTube show: Be a Human in Business.

Terra is a passionate communicator and connector of people. She has a gift to connect, identify, motivate, and bring people of diverse backgrounds and interests together as a team to overcome obstacles and achieve mission objectives creatively and successfully. She realized not long ago that her love of human interaction stems from a genuine interest in people and their stories; how they relate, integrate, and excel together. She even received a minor in Anthropology degree in university so her love for connections has been present, subconsciously, her entire life. In speaking with her corporate colleagues and mentors, they kept bringing up her gifts, strengths and talents in this space which really reinforced the world’s need to be taught about human-to-human connections, authentic representation, and genuine relationships.

A wife of nearly 15 years and mom to an amazing 7-year-old daughter and 3 fur babies, Terra loves to spend time with her family enjoying nature. Her dream is to have a mountain cabin that she can enjoy precious moments with her family. She is multi-passionate, has a strong faith, and is a coffee addict but more-over, her heart is led to serve people by connecting, facilitating, and collaborating! She is all about showing love and kindness around the world and bringing people of diverse backgrounds together. You can join her in this endeavour by living it out every day and looking beyond your current boundaries to create a positive ripple in this amazing world.

Terra has 15+ years of corporate experience most recently representing one of the largest industries in Oklahoma. She is a forward-thinking and passionate leader who solves problems and promotes growth and advancement.

Her best connection tip?

Know your values and yourself so you can show up authentically when connecting with people as this leads to genuine and authentic relationships.

Terra encourages you to fall in love with learning about people (Dale Carnegie). The question that she asks every person she meets is "where are you from?" This simple inquisition leads to many, amazing conversations that help to acquaint yourself with whoever you’re meeting. She encourages everyone to determine what it is about others that you are truly interested in and then ask that question every. single. Time. Don’t forget to always listen and go into every call with a purpose (How can you serve them?). Furthermore, if you are short on time or you connect better with more than one person, then invite a few people to a coffee chat and everyone can share the community conversation.

Connecting is the name of the game for this Lady Link (she links people up like it’s nobody’s business but hers! - literally) so connect with her on any of the platforms listed above so you can get to know one another. Another amazing place to explore the world of authentic, integrity-led, progress-driven connections is to join Your Business Peeps Community.

Can’t wait to see you there!


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