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Business Success & Fun In The Sun Are Best Friends

Summertime is supposed to be for fun in the sun but, as an ambitious entrepreneur, you’re feeling chained to the grind. I get it - it’s hard to step back when you're working toward your dream life. Every step you take gets you closer to achieving your big vision goals.

Taking action for your business doesn’t need to be all serious, all the time. In fact, adding a little play to your day might be just what the doctor ordered in order to 10X the successes you’re seeing in your business.

Don’t believe me? Take some time to look over these fun blogs that show you how to elevate the way you’re showing up for your business all while having a freakin great time while you’re doing it!

Ukulele Lessons 101: How to Effectively Run A Business

Ukulele lessons can make a positive impact on running a business. Any instrument, really, or learning a language, reading, doing a crossword, sudoku - it’s all the same. Find out the psychology behind why you might want to pick up a new hobby while you grow your business.

Summer Reading List for Over Ambitious Leaders

There comes a time when you look at your to-be-read pile and think, “something has got to be done about this.” That or, “I have a problem…” Either way, you sit down and set about making a strategy for your summer reading because -obviously- you have waaaaaayyy more time throughout the summer to read at your leisure. *skeptically looks over glasses* Come to think of it, I’ve still gotta add The ONE Thing to the list… but that’s a task for another day for this over-ambitious leader!

Everyone Has A Favourite Mug: Be Authentic, Live Fully, Create a Legacy in Life & Business

What does it look like to show up as your authentic self? How do you break down the fears that hold you back? Where do you even start? The most fun thing about these questions is that you’re probably already doing it.

What Does Your Mug Say About You?

All of this from a mug? Yep.Possibilities.

What does your favourite mug say about you?

14 Days of Reels: Add a Little Play to Your Day

Adding a little play into your every day will make life lighter, fuller, and simply more fun. When you were younger, you used to play make-believe, sing along to your favourite songs, and dance like no one was watching - in short, you had a blast! Let’s bring that back.

What if… A Letter for YOU!

I see you hesitate to share your true self with the world. I heard you when you said you didn’t put yourself out there because you’re afraid of being judged. You're holding back in your life and business, hesitating to post, share and connect authentically. Well, now it’s time to kick some ass!

Summertime fun in the sun is totally possible when you prioritize your plan for rest and revitalization just as highly as you plan to complete your other business to-dos. I’d love to hear how you enjoy your vacations to the fullest while working enthusiastically toward your dream life.

If taking a break from marketing your business is one of your goals moving forward, send an email with the subject header READY TO RELAX and we will see what the best course of action is to take your business to the next level.

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