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Build a Story Brand, Engage your Audience, Level-up your Business

Building a Story Brand

by Donald Miller

Who doesn’t love a great story?

From bards to books to broadway, people have always been drawn to a good story. However, we see it all the time where a promising new show gets cancelled or the much anticipated new musical turns out to be a flop.

What happened?

What makes a story good?

The thing is, riveting, memorable, and engaging stories all have the same framework. I know it sounds unbelievable - I mean, who could watch the same story over and over again without being bored out of their skull; all of us, that’s who.

Building a Story Brand outlines this mesmerizing framework and explains how and why it works. Donald Miller uses real-life examples with psychological explanations as he guides you through the process of discovering how to create your own business story brand. Using this method, you will keep your audience invested in what you have to offer on all levels of consciousness much in the same way as a box office hit. Following this outline taps into a person’s innate needs and is what keeps you watching your favourite movies long past bedtime.

You may think it’s just a desire to find out what happens next but there is more at play than what meets the eye. When a story has truly captivated you, it means that the screenwriters have done their job of including specific pertinent information within the first bit of the story that leaves you compelled to discover what, if any, resolution takes place. The same should be done with your business story brand.

Donald Miller urges you to put your ideal client first, staging them as the hero of their own story. Throughout their journey, they will inevitably encounter problems, trials and tribulations, that your guidance can help them to solve. With the right technique and thought process, you can position yourself as the Yoda to your client’s Luke Skywalker. An absolutely vital step in achieving their ultimate goals.

Building a Story Brand is vital to the development of any business and lends itself to creating a strong foundation on which to launch into the next level of digital marketing, copywriting, and content creation.

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