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Build a Community That Goes Where You Go with Jen Dys

Jen Dys

Pinterest Ads & Sales Funnel Strategist

CEO at Level Up Business Creative

Instagram - Facebook - LinkedIn - Pinterest

Build a community

that goes where you go!

Jen takes business foundations and community building to the next level by harnessing the power of Pinterest to help you establish a business that thrives, no matter the platform. Freedom to evolve in whatever way feels right for you without the worry of losing your established audience base. After all, you aren't just pinning pretty pictures, you’re building a solid business foundation that you can take with you where ever you go...even if Pinterest shuts down!

First and foremost, Pinterest is a search engine. Users come to Pinterest looking for a solution to a problem and so are much more primed to take action and even buy if a solution meets their needs. If your business offer can meet them where they're at with a solution that makes sense then they are much more likely to take that next step in working with you. This can look like opting in to your email list or even make a purchase!

Jen helps female entrepreneurs to optimize their Pinterest presence so that they can build a community they own using email marketing. This is a very important aspect of growing and maintaining your business audience as Jen knows all too well. Early on in her business, Jen started a blog that was consistently earning a passive income of over three thousand dollars each month but when the platform she was using changed, her audience and money went out the window.

You have a lot at stake to continue in business without the strategy to course correct when things don’t go your way. It's Jen’s mission to help other business owners build a community and a business they own so they can pivot and roll with the inevitable platform changes while consistently scaling their business. In fact, she hosts a fabulous community called Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs where she shares tips on sales funnels, strategy and all things Pinterest.

A truly giving soul, Jen was a part of a therapeutic horseback riding charity for years. Working with kids and adults with a variety of disabilities gave her a unique perspective on life’s priorities that she later carried into her life and business dynamic. In the moments when she was able to support individuals on horseback, Jen believes they were given wings to fly. Their demeanour shifted and their freedom was palpable. Unfortunately, this type of therapy is not readily covered by insurance and the facilities rely on donations so if you have a therapeutic riding center in your area, Jen asks that you consider donating your time or money to make sure these individuals can keep soaring to new heights, feeling as though anything is possible.

As a mom of two girls, Jen knows the importance of leading by example when it comes to teaching them that they can be and do anything they want when they grow up, especially when it comes to starting a business. She started her journey on the route that everyone expects: a college degree in physical therapy, a typical 9-5 day-job, and weekends with the family. She checked all the boxes but was never truly fulfilled.

Though she happily served others in her traditional role, becoming a mom shifted her priorities toward a life spent more at home. Being in business full time means Jen gets to indulge in the snow days and snuggles on the couch after lunch. She is working in her true passion and gets to be present for her kids - just living the dream!

Jen wants you to achieve your own successes by building a community that goes where you go and welcomes others to learn more by booking a call to see how she can help.


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