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Build a Community of Trust, Love, and Authority with Sammy Giles

Samantha Giles

Giles Writing Services

Social Media Marketer-Content Creator

Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook

Establish trust, love, and authority with a social media strategy built for business growth!

Busy mompreneurs can find solace in having a done-for-you social media strategy that is customized to you, your brand, and your unique audience. Built to scale, Sammy is able to tap into the connection pillars necessary to truly nurture and guide your audience into becoming some of your biggest fans.

Unplugging from the cycle of content creation frees up time to focus on the tasks necessary to build your business. Sammy works diligently to ensure that your community presence stays consistent while you make leaps and bounds in the pile of CEO work left on your desk at the end of the day. Just imagine having your ducks in a row and really being able to enjoy the freedom that owning a business promises you.

Life should be about simplicity not overwhelm.

If you’re not quite ready to take the step toward outsourcing your social media then at least take advantage of Sammy’s content pillars to help attract your audience to save you time by helping you with content ideas. Knowing the mom-life firsthand, she also offers tips and tricks on how to create boundaries and entertain your kiddos while you get some work done, even if it's just for an hour a day.

As a mom who has struggled with chronic pain since adolescence, Samantha has had to make some big life changes to adapt to her life and business growth. She is no novice to the world of going with the flow and making the most out of your business endeavours while still prioritizing family. Creativity comes naturally to her and she loves exploring that space with her two beautiful children. She is one of very few who can say that she actually recreates 95% of the things on her Pinterest boards. Once she buys her own home, that number will quickly rise to a perfect score!

Samantha’s passion for supporting mothers and their families through social media strategy is a direct reflection of her personal core values and advocacies. The Feeding America charity is one that is very near and dear to her heart as thave helped her family out since she was a child. Now that she has established herself in her business, it is time for her to help others. Sammy aspires to one day be successful enough to give on a larger scale but until then asks that other join in her efforts to feed families in need: No family should have to go without food; No parent should have to starve to provide for their child(ren); So many of us take a meal for granted and waste so much. It’s time to make a change.

Connecting deeply is just part and parcel of what Sammy does as she really takes the time to get to know who she’s creating content for. When interacting on your behalf, your audience is never the wiser that someone else is helping. She has a system in place to ensure that her clients' voices and brands are being heard while you spend time on what matters most in your world.

If you are a BadA$$ Mompreneur looking for a place to hang out and just be yourself, Sammy has created the Mompreneurs’ Social Breakroom community: A judgment free zone where you can discuss your: wins, failures, struggles, children, partner, and anything else on your mind. As a research junkie, Sammy also shares a lot of hacks in both family and business.

Eager to find out more about the freedom that comes with having a social media expert in your back pocket? Book a call with Sammy today!


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