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Boost Your Confidence in Life and Business with Diana

Diana O’Marra

Founder and Makeup Mentor

CEO at Hello Easy Makeup!

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Boost your confidence in life and business with

Makeup Made Easy!

Diana uses her skills in branding and makeup to elevate the way you show up in your business while reinvigorating your self-confidence in all aspects of life. Intentional clothing and makeup, looks and styles, with YOU and YOUR BRAND in mind will create a visual association to you and your business. When those you’ve met in the past see a similar look or style while they're out and about, they’ll automatically think of you. Using your makeup to enhance your business branding takes innovation and strategy to the next level.

A married mother of 3, she loves to go on outdoor adventures and spend time with family and friends. The beach is one of her prime exploration spots because it is a place of calm; a safe space to go in moments of unrest to find level ground and touch base with the inspiration within. Combine that with coffee and heaps of whimsical sparkles and you’ve got yourself the pink-haired beauty that will change your life through innovative business and style!

Your makeup should reinforce your business.

  • If your brand is calm, reliable or practical, your makeup should be soft and subtle.

  • If your brand is quirky, trendy or free-spirited your makeup should be bright, bold and loud.

  • If your brand is transformational, confident or resilient, your makeup should be strong, unique and powerful.

Not only does this boost your confidence but it also improves your general mental health and wellbeing.

Dianna is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs struggling with their mental health. She believes that when we care for ourselves, we can show up to serve our communities and families better. Having experienced mental health issues firsthand, Diana is an advocate of medicine and counselling to manage the complications that come from this part of life. However, she knows that there are other options for coping as well.

Through extensive research, she has found that her own career choice is actually an effective method to reduce stress and anxiety through touch. As you get ready for the day, you can stimulate serotonin by touching your face in the application of makeup. Serotonin is a natural chemical found in the brain that is associated with mood regulation - lowered cortisol (the stress hormone) - and improved sleep, digestion, and memory.

Diana loves that she can help her clients to not only improve their mental health but also their bottom line through her skills in this space. If you’re looking to amp up your business, hop into Diana’s FREE Masterclass where she teaches you 3 Easy Steps to Makeup That Boosts Your Sales. Not only will you be making more money but you’ll look fabulous doing it!


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