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Boost Self-esteem & Stand Confidently in Your Success with Annette Tavitain

Annette Tavitian

CEO at Soul Conekt Coaching

Confidence Coach

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Boost self-esteem and stand confidently in your success!

Specializing in supporting women who are struggling with low self-esteem and confidence, Annette takes you by the hand and guides you to a heightened level of self-actualization which leads to legacy-building results. Leading in life and business comes easy when you know the positive impact that you leave. With Annette, you will have the tools, strategies, and empowerment to achieve your greatest success!

A single mum of two beautiful children, Annette leads by example when it comes to stepping into your true passions and unapologetically showing up as your true self. She loves singing and teaches intuitive tarot and psychic development on the side.

It wasn’t always so easy to own her brilliance though. Just before her youngest was born, Annette became a single mum and realized that she needed to focus on her own happiness first so that she could really step up as the best mum for her kids. Her successes in that space empowered her to support others in doing the same. She wants you to experience the same type of freedom and confidence so that you can truly connect with your soul’s purpose.

Annette loves inspiring self-growth while making you realize your own strengths but she doesn’t stop there. She also strategizes with her clients to find the best way to use their power in a way that makes everything in life more enjoyable and to intentionally work toward their version of success. For Annette, family is her most important value, and she always teaches her clients to put themselves and their families above anything - because time with those you love is something you cannot get back.

Annette encourages women business leaders who are suffering from low self-esteem and self-worth to do daily activities that bring you happiness, such as:

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Networking and Communicating with others

  • Creative endeavours

  • Sharing your gifts with friends, family and your clients

  • Writing or creative journaling

Truly, anything that reignites the authentic spark within you that makes you YOU.

Annette genuinely cares about the welfare of her clients. She too has been through emotional abuse in her life and managed to come out the other end feeling confident, strong and resilient. She is motivated to help women who have gone through emotional trauma and find the strength in themselves to live their best life.

As a result of working with Annette, women have become more confident business leaders who are now building healthier relationships within their communities. They’ve built resilience, overcome fears, developed confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Healing from trauma and gaslighting is hard but you don’t need to do it alone. Book a short, 20-minute coffee chat with Annette to chat about what is currently holding you back from living your best life right now.

Annette believes is that everyone needs to have someone in their life to emotionally support them. So many people say they are supported, but most people have negative or judgemental support around them. Get the support you deserve and develop the actionable steps you need to step into your best life.


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