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Become confidently bilingual with Martha Lopez

Martha Lopez


CEO at Wyzard Group

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Become confidently bilingual in Spanish and English.

Martha offers English and Spanish language services for companies and individuals who are interested in growing personally and professionally. She adapts to the real needs and goals of her clients who vary between corporate companies to motivated and curious individuals. Your success is her best marketing tool.

Language solutions in training, staff and job applicant evaluation, translation and close captioning of corporate videos is the best way to make use of Martha’s skills in the professional space. She loves that her skill in the languages allows her to learn about different topics and industries and is always excited to share any insights that she obtains along the way. This bonus to executing her services enhances the customization of your language education within the corporate and personal space.

Martha understands that, as an adult, you have many other responsibilities and caters to your needs so that you can feel comfortable and safe in your endeavours to learn this new way to communicate. Martha has been working in this space for over a decade and offers sound advice to those ready to embrace another language.

When learning a new language, remember it's OK to make mistakes...don't let shame or embarrassment limit what you can actually achieve.

Understanding that overcoming these feelings can be difficult, Martha really gets to know you so she can customize your language classes and make them more attractive and productive.

We are all human, after all, and our ability to adapt to new realities is quite astounding. Martha is living proof having pushed through many obstacles from a massive earthquake to internal business challenges. She is accustomed to learning on the fly and DIYing her way through tricky situations (like home decorating!) and she does it all while loving and caring for her adoring pups.

A lover of animals, Martha supports two animal shelters, Fundacion Toby and Milagros Caninos. She comes from a hardworking and compassionate family who have tolerated, if not fully supported, her animal rescuing ways from the beginning. Lucky for her, her family turned out to be true animal lovers as well - readily adjusting to the animals’ needs to make them feel comfortable in her family home.

The kindness Martha shares with her animals is not one-sided though as they provide her with unconditional love and many opportunities to listen to her favourite podcasts during walks. Her excursions through Mexico’s downtown excites the mind and provide fuel for her personal mindset growth as she considers how many gratitudes she can count right at her fingertips.

Martha’s positive, growth-mindset is a step above the rest. She has learned that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals other than yourself (so get out of your own way already!) and that there are so many people out there who believe in what you do. She strongly urges all those who connect with her to enjoy what they do every day and to be thankful for all the people you get to know and be open to learning from them.

Connect with Martha on social media to form an outstanding connection and to figure out the best option to fulfill your needs pertaining to English and Spanish languages.


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