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Be the Authority - Write Your Book with Paula Diaco

Paula Diaco

Chief Storyteller

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Be the authority - Write your book!

Being an author is a prestigious title and comes with the influence of an expert in the topic at hand but putting pen to paper is easier said than done. Paula helps female business professionals express their expertise and experience through writing, from blog posts to books. Ditch the despair and frustration while you own the ease and elation of writing the content that will get you on the map!

Working with women who are busting through the patriarchal thinking and worn-out standards of their industry, Paula alleviates any feelings of despair and frustration around the writing process so you can feel joy and ease as you create. Loving the process of telling the stories that you’ve collected over the years is the main objective but it often leads to bigger, more ambitious goals being fulfilled.

It should be no surprise then that Paula tends to attract women who are renegades. That racy edge you know all too well after experiencing enough time in the business world to realize how patriarchal it is and to have had enough. You’re tired of buying into that whole narrative and want to break free - You’re going to break the system. It’s time to change how people show up in business by making the business work for the people and not the other way around. No more bending to fit into an outdated framework designed by the global minority.

Currently, business is not a woman-friendly construct but times have changed and more women than ever are raising their voices by establishing themselves as game-changers in the business. Women are wanting to make radical changes to make the system honour a more inclusive diverse and equal system. Establishing authority by publishing your big ideas will only further the movement.

Using the written word to make ripples in the business world is an important part of Paula’s values in life and business. Illiteracy in adults and children is a problem and makes a massive impact on the progress within our community as a whole. In the past, women have been stifled in their ability to express their value to the world by belittling the importance of literacy for them.

Paula knows this first hand as her grandmother was a functional illiterate who never went to school or learned to read but was supremely intelligent and figured out her own ways of understanding how to navigate the world around her. When her daughter and granddaughter both became writers it seemed like a flight of fancy to have people writing and reading for a living but the impact her prodigies have been able to make with words has been life-altering.

A passionate storyteller and lover of all things reading, food, and cultural anthropology, Paula wants to continue the legacy of innovative, expressive, and inclusive business practices by helping other women to share their knowledge and experience. That way, when her grandbabies grow up they will have a diverse selection of resources to consume while they learn to navigate this beautiful world.

Making a positive impact and establishing your professional authority through writing is at your fingertips. Although it may seem like a daunting task, Paula encourages you to embrace the journey and start at the beginning.

Read the writing you want to write.

So, if you want to write a novel, read the types of novels you'd love to author. If you want to write self-help, how-to, memoirs, or business development - read those books! Then, when you’re ready, reach out to Paula so she can set you on the path to success. Book a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your latest writing project and go from clueless to confident in all of your writing endeavours.


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